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3 Good Reasons to Listen to ‘Spider’ by Seventeen Hoshi

Time to stream "Spider" after reading this article!

In music, it is common for groups to disband so that members can pursue solo careers. However, for the Kpop industry, the situation goes differently.

In Kpop, group members have the option to release solo projects even while they’re still a part of their respective groups. Just look at Rosé of Blackpink who recently released her solo album, and her bandmate Jennie who had a solo song in 2018. Now, another Kpop idol released his solo project while still together with his group.

Just last Friday, April 2, Hoshi of the 13-member group Seventeen released his solo mixtape “Spider” with an accompanying music video. Currently, the video has over 4.8 million views on YouTube and is receiving praises from music fans around the world.

“Spider” definitely deserves all the views and attention it’s getting because it is just that good. But if you’re still not convinced to give it a watch or listen (or both), we’re giving you three reasons why it’s loved by Kpop fans around the world!

#1: ‘Spider’ Is the First Official Mixtape From a Seventeen Member

Photos from 세븐틴 SEVENTEEN Instagram

In the six years since their debut, Seventeen members have done covers, OSTs for Korean dramas, and a handful of albums and EPs. They’ve even done actual solo songs for the final leg of one of their tours, but these songs weren’t officially released for the public. This means that Hoshi’s Spider is the actual first solo song from any of the group’s members!

#2: You’ll See a Different Side of Hoshi in the ‘Spider’ Music Video

Photo from HYBE LABELS YouTube

Hoshi is known as a fun and carefree guy, who’s also responsible for many of the choreographies for the group’s songs. In music videos, you’d often see him being the playful one— laughing, jumping, running, basically having ‘sugar rush.’

But with “Spider,” Hoshi is serious and more sensual— definitely on the other side of the spectrum than how he normally is!

#3: The Seventeen Members Themselves Love It!

As soon as the song dropped and the music video was released, Seventeen members were quick to post on social media how they love the song. On the app Weverse, all the members posted their love and support for their brother. Fans found it so adorable that the members weren’t at all shy to show how much they love the song!

You can watch the “Spider” music video here, listen to the song here, and download it through these links.

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