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3 Reasons Why Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo Will Spark Joy

The new Netflix series airs on August 31.

Heads up, neat freaks: Decluttering Queen Marie Kondo is back with a new series that will surely spark joy among fans who swear by her KonMari Rules of Tidying. Called Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, it airs this August 31 on Netflix.

Incidentally, “spark joy,” a catchphrase she popularized in her first book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has no literal translation in Japanese. The closest term to it is tokimeku, the Japanese word for “flutter.” It’s what your heart’s supposed to feel when an object you hold in your hands sparks joy. (Read: 5 Unique Japanese Principles That Everyone Should Follow)

Here are three things to expect with the new series.  

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo: It’s short.

Photo from Netflix

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo has only three 40-minute episodes.

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo: It doesn’t just focus on homes.

Photo from Netflix

In an interview, Marie says she will “go to shops and places of business and communities such as the church and all these different spaces and see how everyone’s lives are transformed.” (Read: Three Tips to Decluttering Your Child’s Room)

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo: It gets personal.

Photo from Netflix

According to her website, Marie will open her own home, where we get to meet her family and see how she sparks joy into her own life. Marie is married to Takumi Kawahara, now her manager and the CEO of KonMari Media LLC. They have three children: daughters Satsuki and Miko, and a son who was born in April 2021.

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