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Yes, the Spam Truck Will Roam the Metro This June and July!

They even added a secret menu for you to enjoy!

When you ask kids what their favorite breakfast is aside from cereals and pancakes, you would often hear that they love SPAM. They enjoy eating it with rice and egg, a Spamsilog if you will, and a glass of their favorite juice before going to school. But thanks to food innovations by foodies and chefs, SPAM has also become a favorite for adults!

There’s the famous SPAM musubi— a dish inspired by the Hawaiian treat of the same name— and SPAM waffle sandwiches, among the many inventions featuring the beloved luncheon meat. And more and more are discovering and loving these SPAM-infused snacks all thanks to the SPAM truck! (LIST: The Most Delicious Recipes Using Spam)

The SPAM truck is, well, a truck that visits different places in and around the metro and sells these different SPAM products. It usually stays in a place for a limited time, which is why fans and curious foodies definitely drop by to try the food.

The SPAM® Food Truck will be extending its stay at ArcoVia until Thursday, June 24! (Photo from SPAM Philippines Facebook)

SPAM Truck in Manila

This June and July, Metro Manila fans are in luck! The SPAM truck will be visiting several places to spread the meaty love to many. (Read: Quick and Healthy Recipes Made With Canned Goods)

The standard menu will be in place, which consists of the sweet and sour rice bowl (P149), musubi (P99), spicy cup noodles (P99), cheese donut (P149) made with Krispy Kreme’s original glazed flavor, dynamite (P99), and waffle sticks (P99).

But this time, a ‘secret menu’ has also been made available for customers to enjoy! It includes the SPAMdesal Queso Blanco (P139), SPAM Rice Balls (P139), SPAM Cheeseburger (P159), SPAM Creamy Spicy Musubi (P139), SPAM Takoyaki Bao (P159), and SPAM Salpicao with rice (P159).

Come try out the SPAM® Comfort Food Secret Menu along with other items for a limited time this week at ArcoVia! (Photo from SPAM Philippines Facebook)

June and July Schedule

You may find below the schedule and location of the SPAM Truck in Metro Manila. For preorders and reservations, dial 0966 856 6634.

  • June 25 to 27: Capitol Commons in Ortigas
  • July 2 to 4: Ortigas East
  • July 9 to 11: Greenhills.

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