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3 Songs We’re All Looking Forward to on ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

Red (Taylor's Version) will be out on November 19, with 30 songs on the track list!

A few days ago, Taylor Swift fans were in a frenzy after a shocking announcement from the singer herself: She will be releasing Red (Taylor’s Version) on November 19! The re-recorded 2012 album would be her second re-record, after Fearless, which came out just two months ago.

According to Taylor, Red was an album that “resembled a heartbroken person” — a mixture of feelings that somehow fit together in the end. And she wasn’t sure whether it was the album and the songs, or the fans, or just passing time, but she was healed along the way. (Read: LIST: Winners of 2021 Billboard Music Awards)

The announcement came with more exciting details: all 30 songs that were meant for Red were going to be included! Yes, three-zero. Here are the top three songs we’re looking forward to the most in the re-recorded album:

#1: The 10-Minute Version of ‘All Too Well’

The original lyrics to ‘All Too Well’. (Photo from Taylor Swift News 🧣 Twitter)

Swifties know all too well— pun intended— that one of the most painful songs Taylor has ever written is “All Too Well”. The lyrics, “And you call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest,” is just painful to hear, even for the happily single or in love people out there.

But even with the pain this song makes us feel, we’re so looking forward to the extended version of the song. Ten minutes worth of Taylor just singing her heart and feelings out, and us screaming the lyrics into the void, is something we’re definitely looking forward to!

#2: The 2021 Version of ’22’

Photo from Taylor Swift YouTube

Everyone who was a teenager when Red came out surely waited for the day that they could use “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” as a caption for their 22nd birthday social media post. Admit it, you’ve done the same!

So it’s just natural for us who grew up with the song, and the iconic caption-worthy lyrics, to be excited for the re-recorded version of it. We’re all curious how Taylor will put a spin to it, nine years after its original release. (Read: Taylor Swift’s ‘From the Vault’ Songs Will Give You Major Feels)

#3: The Unreleased, ‘From the Vault’ Songs


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For Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Taylor released several songs she called “From the Vault” and added them to the tracklist. These previously unreleased songs were meant to be for the original Fearless record, but weren’t included.

Now, Taylor announced that there will also be unreleased songs that were going to be part of Red (Taylor’s version). We’re guessing that there will be around 10 songs that are “From the Vault,” since there are 20 songs from the original deluxe version.

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