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5 Social Media Personalities You Should Be Following

These influencers are not just fun and entertaining, their contents are also informative!

As we wait for this pandemic to be over, millions of Filipinos have been spending much of their time on the Internet. And why wouldn’t they? Social media has become very handy in these times of isolation when it comes to communication, checking on health and safety updates, and of course, entertainment. 

These days, people are turning to social media to share information and happiness through fun and witty content. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, many content creators and influencers are taking initiatives to make sure that their followers or friends are well-informed and entertained while quarantining home. (Read: Personality Test: Are you becoming ‘too sensitive’ to social media?)

But with so many popular accounts, who are the best influencers you should be looking at? Here is a My Pope Philippines list of the wittiest and most exciting social media personalities you should follow!

Macoy Dubs

Online perosnalities with funny and witty content
Photos from Macoy Dubs Instagram and Twitter

Though you may not be following him on any social media, you’ve probably already seen some of his videos on the internet. Mark Averilla, also known as Macoy Dubs to his fans, first gained popularity for his famous “Mean Girls” dub way back in 2018. And recently, his new hit content is his “Aunt Julie” series wherein he plays a hilarious yet relatable modern-day Filipina aunt. (Read: Four quaint cafes that are perfect for your amiga get-togethers)

Apart from his dubs and portrayal of “Aunt Julie,” Macoy Dubs also tackles different social issues that are currently happening in the country. Recently, Macoy Dubs along with other social media influencers went to the Supreme Court to file the 21st petition against the Anti-Terror Law.

You can follow Macoy Dubs on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Dora Dorado

Photos from (@6foot1crybaby) TikTok and Dora Dorado YouTube

Dora Dorado recently gained his online popularity though his Tiktok videos wherein he shares relatable sentiments toward different political and social issues. One thing that makes Dora unique and worth following is that even though his contents are laced with political commentary, he delivers them hilariously with witty antics and without missing the point!

If you’re up for some laughs, make sure to follow Dora Dorado on his Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram, and subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Yani Villarosa

Video screenshot from yanihatesu YouTube channel

Yani Villarosa, also known as @yanihatesu on Twitter, is definitely one to follow if you want to see good vibes tweets on your Twitter feed. She’s gone viral numerous times, with most of her videos reaching tens of thousands of likes since she started posting them in 2017. Not just that, she is also vocal about her support toward the LGBTQ+ community and her advocacy of helping the Lumad communities in Mindanao. Now, isn’t that worth the follow?

You can check out Yani Villarosa on Twitter and Youtube.

Hershey Neri

Photos from Hershey Neri Instagram

At first glance, Hershey Neri can be seen as prim and proper. But once you get to see her Twitter feed, you’ll see that her personality is out of this world. (Read: Want a happy, healthy life? Experts suggest eating the rainbow!)

Hershey’s contents are like a walk in the park. They’re super easy to watch and sometimes, you don’t know what you’re walking into. She is a natural storyteller and that’s why her videos are always enticing. She also uses her platform to talk about women’s empowerment and mental health, and people are keen to listen to her opinions and ideas.

You can catch Neri’s stories on her Twitter and Instagram.

Davao Conyo

Photos from Phillippines Te Hernandez Instagram and Davao Conyo YouTube

Content creator Phillip Hernandez, also known as Davao Conyo, has been providing relief to the online world through his humorous antics. He first came to people’s attention when he started posting videos of himself dubbing international and local films. His hilarious web series #IsangPlatitongHustisya has given a lot of laughs for reminiscing classic telenovela tropes that everyone grew up with. 

Davao Conyo has also been very vocal about certain social issues. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Intagram, and Youtube.


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