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3 Social Media Apps You Should ‘Give up’ for the Holy Week

Give yourself some time for reflection by signing out of these apps until Easter Sunday!

Every Holy Week, many people sacrifice something for the entire week so they could reflect on the true meaning of the season. Before the pandemic, some people would go on a retreat or avoid shopping, while others would actually have themselves crucified as Jesus did. Most of us, however, would avoid food cravings for the week as penitence.

But as times change, people find more and more ways to practice penitence during the Holy Week, most especially for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. One of the sacrifices people nowadays make for Lent is to have a social media detox— they avoid social media for seven days. (Read: Exclusive: ‘Fr. TikTok’ Talks Social Media, Priesthood, and More!)

Indeed, it’s a more modern approach to penitence and sacrifice, but it works especially if you’re someone who can’t go five minutes without checking your notifications. My Pope Philippines is giving you a list of social media apps you can avoid for the rest of the Holy Week, as your form of sacrifice.

This Holy Week, Stop Scrolling on TikTok

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TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps since the pandemic started last year. With all the hype it’s been getting, many of us have been influenced to download it. Admittedly, content on the platform has been so entertaining that we sometimes find ourselves scrolling through these minute-long videos for hours.

So why not for the Holy Week, stop scrolling on TikTok for the meantime, and spend the time you would’ve spent watching TikTok videos with your family or for prayer?

This Holy Week, Sign Out From Twitter

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Twitter, just like Facebook, has millions of users— and the number grows bigger on a daily! Aside from relatable and funny content, Twitter is also a source of news from credible sources and sometimes, even the actual personalities involved in the news. (Read: 3 Ways to Avoid ‘Cancel Culture’ in Social Media)

But as much as it is entertaining and informative, this social media site can also be a toxic community at times with all the bashers and fights between people. So why not save yourself from the toxicity even just for this week? Give yourself some quiet and peace of mind that you deserve.

This Holy Week, Avoid Instagram

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Instagram is where you would see carefully curated feeds, and beautifully taken and edited photos. It can also be a source of inspiration and motivation if you follow accounts that specifically cater to this kind of content. However, Instagram can also become a source of jealousy given that some post about their travels abroad or their recent acquisitions.

So for the rest of Lent, why not avoid the feeling of jealousy and help yourself realize your contentment with what you have by having an Instagram detox? It will clear your mind, and also stop you from finding validation and value from others’ likes and comments.

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