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San Miguel Donates 36 Boats to Fisherfolk in Sariaya, Quezon

The new fishing boats will benefit fisherfolk who have long been in the fishing industry.

Every rainy season, fisherfolk around the Philippines stress about how they will be able to set sail, catch fish, and get enough income to sustain their families. That’s why the government, and even the private sector, are assisting in any way to provide an alternative livelihood, or ensure the safety of these fisherfolk, during the rainy season.

Among the private companies that have been actively helping these fisherfolk is San Miguel Corporation. A few months ago, San Miguel opened the Sariaya Fisherfolk Dock in Sariaya, Quezon for fisherfolk and their families. (Read: 3 Delicious Bangus Recipes You Can Try at Home)

The fisherfolk dock benefits fisherfolk in Sariaya who now live in the San Miguel–Christian Gayeta Village gated community which features houses that are built using ‘Green Tough’ panels, an eco-friendly, earthquake-proof, and sound- and heat-insulated alternative to hollow blocks and concrete.

Photo from San Miguel Corporation News

Fishing Boats for Livelihood

But aside from housing and a livelihood facility, San Miguel is furthering its assistance for the fisherfolk by providing them with new fishing boats that will benefit 69 fisherfolk who have long been in the fishing industry.

“This will enable them to earn more and bring their daily catch to their families and fulfill the food requirements of the housing community and surrounding areas in Sariaya,” San Miguel President and COO Ramon Ang said. (Read: LIST: Your 7-Day Meal Plan for the Lenten Season)

Thirty-three large boats that can be used by two people and three small boats that can be used by one were given by the conglomerate to their community in Sariaya. The boats can be stored in the dock, which can house more than 100 boats, 70 boat engines, and other fishing equipment during the typhoon season.

“We are committed to helping our fishermen families in Sariaya build better lives for themselves by giving them their own homes, providing continuous skills training, resources, and building for them facilities that will enhance their livelihood,” Ang added.

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