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LOOK: These Small Blenders Are Perfect For Your Budget!

Cooldown and make a shake with these perfectly-sized blenders!

Because of the summer heat, we’ve been constantly drinking and eating cold beverages and food to cool ourselves down. We’d get ice cream from the convenience store, or make halo-halo and mais con yelo to keep us cool. But if there’s one popular choice when it comes to summer cooling food, it is definitely fruit shakes!

We would often grab this chance to utilize the fruits in season like mangoes and turn it into a refreshing shake we can enjoy. However, for those living in small houses with limited space, a blender isn’t necessarily the most ideal of appliances— hence, they just forego it. (Read: 5 Dessert Recipes Using Fruits in Summer Season)

But in case you didn’t know, there are actually small blenders you can buy for your home! My Pope Philippines lists them down below in case you’d want to add them to your cart!

Small Blenders: Imarflex Blend To Go (P1,600)

Photo from Momsie Kitchen Market Philippines Facebook

The Imarflex 3-in-1 Blend To Go blender is perfect for households who often cook and make shakes. It can mash, grind, and blend ingredients— all in one small blender!

The set comes with two tumblers which can hold 600ml of ingredients each.

Small Blenders: Blendjet (P2,019.95)

Photos from BlendJet Facebook

The Blendjet blender is the best option for anyone who lives on the go and loves their shakes and smoothies. This blender is literally portable— you can blend whether you’re in the car, at work, or even at a camping site. It is USB rechargeable which means you can even charge it just with your power bank.

Oh, and did we mention that this blender comes in different colors? It is perfect to suit your unique style!

Small Blenders: Oster Ball Mason Jar (P2,100)

Photo from

If you’re into the Instagrammable kind of appliances, we suggest you get this Oster Ball Mason Jar personal blender. Instead of the usual tumbler used as the container for blending, this one uses mason jars! (Yes, exactly like those mason jars you see on influencer and celebrity accounts on Instagram.)

When you purchase a set, you’ll be able to receive two 600ml BPA-free plastic mason jars which are the perfect fit for this blender.

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