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Here Are Some Of Slater Young’s Most Useful IG Budols

These items are must-haves for every household!

If you’ve been like most people– stuck at home because of the pandemic, browsing the internet for entertainment– then you’ve come across popular household tips and tricks from various influencers. And one of those is celebrity businessman and engineer Slater Young.

The civil engineer shares his simple tips and tricks for home improvements and simple household repairs through his Instagram, and the hashtag #AskEngr on the platform. What’s more, his tips are tried and tested on their own house, the Skypod. (Read: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season)

Slater also has what he calls his “budols”–inexpensive home improvement items and tools that can help at home! Here are some of his useful budols.

Slater Young’s Budols: Impact Hammer

Photos from Slater Young Instagram

Having a hard time removing a screw? Slater says a helpful tool he discovered that is useful for this problem is the impact hammer. The impact hammer is a handheld tool–the manual one–which you put on top of the screw (where you would your screwdriver) you want to remove, and hit it with a hammer. After a few hits, you can now magically remove the screw!

In his IG video, Slater was even able to remove a screw that had Loctite–a strong adhesive. Check it out here.

Slater Young’s Budols: Wall-Mounted Hanger

Photos from Slater Young Instagram

Like the Filipino he is, Slater is also maparaan when it comes to things–just like their laundry. He showed his followers the current state of their laundry area: there are racks packed with freshly washed clothes that they even used a foldable ladder as a makeshift hanging spot for their towels!

That’s when he decided to buy a wall-mounted hanger. The hanger is extendable which means it can fit a lot of clothes without taking up too much floor space. Slater also says it’s easy to assemble as you only need a drill for it. Watch his video here.

Slater Young’s Budols: Faucet Aerator

Photos from Slater Young Instagram

Want to save water and keep your water bill to a minimum? Engineer Slater has the perfect hack for you! All you need to do is buy a faucet aerator–which can be bought for less than P100–for your faucets at home. The appliance helps make the flow of water more gentle because it adds air to it.

It’s not as ‘heavy’ as the water flow without the appliance, which means you get to save water! According to Slater, it’s a hack that can virtually save you water forever. Check out his hack here.

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