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Remembering Sr. Fidelis Atienza, the Brain Behind Good Shepherd Ube Jam

Sister Fidelis passed away on March 20 at age 102.

If you’ve ever been to Baguio, you would’ve surely had at least a spoonful of their famous Good Shepherd ube jam. This delicacy has been around for decades, yet families and friends still love to indulge in this classic pasalubong whenever they get the chance.

True enough, the Good Shepherd ube jam has already been part of every Filipino’s Baguio experience. This is also why it was a sad day when news broke that the brain behind the ube jam passed away on Saturday, March 20, at age 102. (Read: Alberto Orillo, 102yo WW2 Veteran, Reveals His Secret to Long Life)

Sister Fidelis Atienza, a nun who was assigned in Baguio back in the day, founded the famous Good Shepherd ube jam in 1976. With her creation, she and the Good Shepherd Convent was able to send thousands of youth to be sent to school through the years.

But other than being the brain behind the famous Baguio delicacy, Sister Fidelis is also known for other things that she did to fulfill her religious duties. In honor of her legacy, My Pope Philippines lists three things that you should know about the nun who loved her calling up until her last breath.

Sister Fidelis Was a Nun for 66 Years

Sr. Fides introduced ube jam to Good Shepherd Baguio’s Mountain Maid products. (Photo from Maryridge Retreat and Renewal Center Facebook)

According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Sister Fidelis made her first profession of faith in 1954, and her last in 1957. This comes three years after she entered the Noviciate of the Good Shepherd in Los Angeles, California, in 1951.

Ever since her first profession, Sister Fidelis has dedicated her life to the religious life and her calling. “She dedicated each moment of her day praying for the needs of the Church and the Congregation,” the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) said.

Sister Fidelis Started the Marian Bakery and Made ‘Crispies’

Photo from Shopee Philippines

Before she founded the famous Good Shepherd ube jam, Sister Fidelis had the Marian Bakery, where they sold ‘crispies,’ or biscuits made out of host cuttings. These biscuits are the precursor to what we now know as angel cookies. (Read: 5 Saints to Pray to if You Are a Certified Food Lover)

Sister Fidelis Served in Six Other Areas, Aside From Baguio

A picture of Sr. Fidelis (seated, second from left) with Maryridge-Bahay Pastulan community. Photo taken from the 2012 Centennial Book of the RGS. (Photo from Maryridge Retreat and Renewal Center Facebook)

In her 66 years of service to the Lord, Sister Fidelis has seen places here and around the world through her assignments. In fact, she’d been assigned to seven different places throughout her religious career. Sister Fidelis had been to Cebu, Metro Manila, Baguio, Tagaytay, Hong Kong, Rome, and France! She definitely lived a great life serving the Lord.

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