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3 Simulation Games to Hopefully Ease Your Cabin Fever

Missing the outdoors? Do your pre-pandemic routines in these virtual worlds!

After almost a year of isolation, quarantine, and little-to-no social interaction because of the pandemic, most of us can’t help but feel a bit of cabin fever.

And even if there are already vaccines available in the market, experts say that it doesn’t we can go back to normal immediately. “Even if it is effective, it is unlikely that we will be able to get back completely to normal, so there’s going to be a sliding scale, even after the introduction of a vaccine that we know to be effective,” says Professor Charles Bangham, chairman of immunology of Imperial College London. (Read: 3 Things We Can Actually Look Forward to This 2021)

So if we can’t go back to normal just yet, how will we get rid of the restlessness brought about by the quarantine? The answer might just be simulation games!

Read below as we list some games that you might want to try out to give yourself a sense of being able to go out and explore.

Simulation Games: Sims 4

Photo from Sims Community

Sims is one of the most popular simulation games there is. The fourth version of the Sims game by Electronic Arts (EA) allows you to go to parks, restaurants, gyms, libraries, and museums, which we all admittedly have been missing.

And not only that, with its downloadable content (DLC), you can even travel to Japan-inspired worlds, beaches, and the like with just one click! Sims 4 is perfect for those who are used to going out pre-pandemic. You can buy the game through EA’s website.

Simulation Games: Stardew Valley

Photo from Screen Rant

Stardew Valley is mainly a farming simulation game that was made by indie game developer ConcernedApe. You (the player) will initially be given a plot of land where you can plant different crops and raise livestock, which you can eventually sell. (Read: Here’s Why You Feel Tired in Quarantine — and What to Do About It!)

But aside from farming, players can also play with non-playing characters (NPC) and develop relationships with them— and even marry them! Fishing, cooking, and other activities are also available for players to do. You can buy Stardew Valley here.

Simulation Games: Second Life

Photo from Second Life Facebook

Even though its creators said it’s not actually a game, Second Life is still on this list because it is still a simulation ‘game’ and virtual world. (LOOK: Bride-to-be marries fiancé in ‘Animal Crossing’ wedding)

In this virtual world, people can make their own avatars, travel to different places, and interact with other people who are also in the world! Basically, Second Life is where you can have an alternate life in an alternate world. You can play it here.

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