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3 Sims Game YouTubers To Check Out For Home Decor Inspiration

Struggling to find inspiration for your future home? Check out these YouTubers to get inspiration!

When we were younger, we always dreamed of having a huge house to live in when we grow up. We would imagine high ceilings, a backyard where we can have picnics with our family, a game and movie room, and a big, comfortable bedroom to sleep in.

Now, thanks to technology, we can picture these childhood dreams better through simulation games like The Sims 4. In fact, some people even design and layout their actual dream homes in the game and show it to the professionals they hired as inspiration for their new house! (Read: Living the Dream: This Pinay Turns Her Sims 4 House into Reality)

So if you’re looking for more inspiration for the home you plan on building (or renovating), why not try and watch videos from YouTubers who focus on Sims 4 builds? Here are some great “Simmers” on YouTube. Read on.

Sims 4 YouTubers: Vixella

Vixella, whose real name is Sasha, is a long-time YouTuber from Texas who started her channel in 2013 already playing The Sims 3. And when the fourth installation of The Sims games came out in 2015, Vixella focused more on the newest edition and started making house builds using the game. Her houses lean more towards the suburban style of design and architecture–but she does modern and “old” houses here and there.

Watch her fun build videos here.

Sims 4 YouTubers: Deligracy

Deli, as she is called by her subscribers, is an Australian YouTuber who’s been on YouTube for almost eight years now. She’s most known for her mid century and mid century modern builds that usually incorporate nature and the outdoors, inspired by Australia’s houses which have a lot of outdoor space to hang out in. Deli also sometimes builds “businesses” in the Sims like spas, gyms, and cafes! (Read: Here’s What We Love About Angel Locsin And Neil Arce’s New House!)

Find some home decor inspiration by checking her videos here.

Sims 4 YouTubers: James Turner

James Turner, formerly known as The Sim Supply, is one of the most popular Simmers on YouTube. He actually started making Sims content on YouTube in 2009! James mostly makes modern, out of the box builds that you would often find in the middle of a busy city like Los Angeles. He also uses mostly neutral colors for the more modern builds, which is perfect for anyone who loves blacks, whites, and browns in their homes.

Check out his content here.

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