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LIST: Shows and Films Like ‘Squid Game’ You Must Watch

Netflix's Battle Royalesque Squid Game took the streaming giant by storm and if you end up looking for more similar series, we got you covered!

Netflix’s Battle Royalesque Squid Game took the streaming giant by storm and if you end up looking for more similar series, we got you covered!

The South Korean series is a nine-episode survival drama that follows the story of a group of people who risk their lives in mysterious deadly kids’ games with a W45.6 billion prize.

If you are on the hunt for thrilling series, My Pope Philippines listed down what you should check out next.

Alice in Borderland (2020)

This Japanese sci-fi series has drawn lots of comparisons to Squid Game, it even soared anew into the Netflix Top 10.

But instead of winning money, the contestants are playing for survival. While hiding from some cops near Shibuya Crossing, three friends are abruptly and unexpectedly transported into a parallel Tokyo where they must play through deadly games to load their survival “visas,” or else they will be executed by lasers from the sky. (Read: Taiwan Extends Visa-Free Entry for Filipinos for Another Year)

Nerve (2016)

In this techno-thriller, a young woman (Emma Roberts) joins an online game where players win money for completing random truth or dare games.

As the game progresses further, players are contacted and invited to participate in more dangerous and risky dares than their prior ones. (Read: Gal Gadot Hosts New Series About ‘Wonder Women’ Around the World)

3% (2016)

This Brazilian dystopian series is set in an unspecified future where 20-year-old individuals of the impoverished “Inland” have the single opportunity to compete to be admitted into a utopian Offshore society, through The Process.

The Process is a difficult and sometimes deadly series of tests where only 3% of participants manage to succeed. 

Circle (2015)

In this American psychological horror-thriller film, 50 strangers are kidnapped and placed in a hi-tech execution room where they are forced to choose which of them deserves to live.

As the Gods Will (2014) 

This supernatural Japanese film tells the story of high school students who are forced to play classic Japanese games at the cost of their lives.

One iconic scene is likened to Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light Game– when the Daruma doll turns toward the blackboard, it exposed a button on its back that the students can attempt to press and end the game before his timer runs out. (Read: 5 Unique Japanese Principles That Everyone Should Follow)

Battle Royale (2000)

Based on a 1999 novel by Koshun Takami, Battle Royale follows schoolchildren who are knocked out and wake up on an island. Each is given a random weapon– from guns to household items, like a paper fan or pot lid– and must fight to death.

The Japanese action-thriller film drew controversy after its released and was banned and excluded from distribution in several countries.

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