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Photographer Shaira Luna shares how she keeps her creativity and inspiration flowing

Photographer and thrift shop queen Shaira Luna is one of her generation’s most brilliant talents. She has worked with stars in both the art and entertainment scenes and has been recognized worldwide for her beautiful photos. Known to many as the “Promil Kid” who was featured in the formula milk’s television commercial, Shaira tells us how she overcomes her hurdles with a splash of creativity and a big dose of talent.

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Have you always been interested in photography?

I started taking photos just as a hobby, back in college. It was really to document my life a little, and not for anything creative! Growing up, photography was never something I was interested in, but my mom took photos of me almost every week, and of everything I did.

How were you able to overcome challenges when you were just starting out as a photographer?

There were many challenges: from the technical aspect of shooting, to the years of saving to buy equipment, to learning how to shoot different things. But I never let myself get overwhelmed, and I took things one day at a time. I think the business side of it was—and is—more challenging since I always struggled to put a price on my services, and it took many years before I became comfortable calling myself a professional photographer.

How has your image as “the gifted child” affected your career as a photographer?

That label will never go away, but I’d like to think that it hardly had or has anything to do with my career as a photographer. Of course, older people who remember the commercial would recognize me while shooting! Nowadays, I work with much younger people, and they get so confused and curious when someone calls me “Promil Kid,” haha!

What keeps you going every day?

I don’t really know where all the energy comes from! Happy spirits and hazy dreams, perhaps.


Text by Yen Cantiga. Image courtesy of Shaira Luna.

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