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The Best Moments From SEVENTEEN’s 5th Fan Meet

It's SEVENTEEN's second virtual fan meet because of the pandemic.

Last weekend, K-pop group SEVENTEEN held their fifth fan meet virtually. Called “Seventeen in Caratland” 2021, CARATs (their fans) from all over the world were treated to great songs, synchronized dancing, and fun games for four hours!

And what made it even better was that it was SEVENTEEN leader S. Coups’s birthday on the day of the fan meet (August 8). Fans poured out their love for the hyung of the group in the comments section of the livestream, and greeted him during the show. (Read: 5 Long-Running Kpop Groups That Will Make You Say, “Sana All”)

While every minute of the fan meet was exciting to watch, here are some of the best moments during Seventeen in Caratland 2021!

Seventeen in Caratland 2021: S. Coups’s ‘birthday remix’

During a performance, S. Coups’s wanted to do an adlib in the middle of the song to celebrate his birthday by saying, “It’s my birthday.” However, the adlib failed and of course, in true Seventeen fashion, the members kept laughing and S. Coups’s was getting shy and telling them to stop! (Read: You Need to Check Out These Kpop-Themed Cafés, Stat!)

But his dongsaengs wouldn’t stop, and kept singing “saengil chukahae” (happy birthday in Korean) in between lyrics.

Seventeen in Caratland 2021: Unit part switch

It’s a SEVENTEEN tradition to “switch parts” during a fan meet or concert. As longtime fans would know, the group is divided into three subunits–hip hop, vocal, and performance–and they have their individual unit songs. And for this year, the units chose relatively older songs for the part switch segment of Caratland! (Read: 3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Seventeen’s ‘Hitorijanai’)

The performance unit chose “Chocolate” by the vocal unit, while the rappers of the hip hop unit performed a “gigglier” version of the performance unit’s Lilili Yabbay”. The singers of the vocal unit then did their own rendition of the upbeat hip hop unit song, “Check In“, and Jeonghan–the oldest in the unit–even dressed up as a chicken!

Seventeen in Caratland 2021: ‘In the Soop SVT Ver.’ teaser release

After the group said their goodbyes, the official teaser video of SEVENTEEN’s version of “In the Soop”, which comes out this August, was released. They are seen driving, playing games, exploring, and eating in different locations. In one scene, three members are even seen walking in what seems to be a river!

A reality show from entertainment company, Bighit, “In the Soop” has idol groups camping and being one with nature, as “soop” means forest in Korean. Bighit’s BTS was the first one to be featured in the show.

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