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3 Reasons To Check Out SEVENTEEN’s New Album, ‘Attacca’

SEVENTEEN's 9th mini album, Attacca, comes out on October 22, 1PM KST (12PM PHT)!

On Friday, October 22, 13-piece Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN will finally be releasing their highly anticipated mini album, Attacca. The 9th EP of the group, Attacca is the next installment to their Power of Love project–which details different kinds of love–for this year. They previously released the mini album Your Choice and the single Bittersweet for the project.

Now with Attacca, a new chapter begins. Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) and Kpop fans around the world will get to see a new side of the boys in this new era. In the album trailer, the word “boyhood” could be seen, and the members rode motorcycles, played electric guitars, and was just all around more mature–something the SEVENTEEN boys haven’t done in the past. (Read: 5 Long-Running Kpop Groups That Will Make You Say, “Sana All”)

And because of the attention-grabbing concept, photos, and videos, Attacca easily sold 1.4 million copies globally during its pre-order! This now makes SEVENTEEN one step closer to becoming quintuple million sellers–having been able to sell at least a million copies of their albums in the past few years.

But concept aside, why should you check out Attacca when it comes out? Here are a few reasons!

New sound, new songs

It has been announced that a handful of new songs with a slightly different sound to the usual SEVENTEEN songs will be in the album. The title track is the group song, “Rock with You”, whose lyrics are written by members Woozi, Joshua, and Vernon, Kim In-hyeong, Jordan Witzigreuter, Cameron Walker, Tim Tan, and producer BUMZU. It will also feature unit tracks–one each from the Performance, Hiphop, and Vocal units–which will highlight each of their talents and skills.

First full english track

Attacca will also be the first SEVENTEEN album to have a full english song! Like their label mates BTS, SEVENTEEN will now have a non-Korean track in their discography. The song, called “2 minus 1”, is a digital-only single, and is sung by the group’s “American Line” or American-Korean members Joshua and Vernon. (Read: 4 Book Recommendations From Your Favorite Kpop Idols)

Physical album inclusions

Just like any other Kpop album, SEVENTEEN is giving their fans many freebies when they purchase the physical copy. A photo book featuring member photos from their shoots, photo cards, posters, and a lyric sheet that can be turned into a box await those who order Attacca’s physical copy!

Photos from SEVENTEEN YouTube

Check out the physical album teaser here.

Attacca comes out on all music streaming platforms on October 22, at 1PM KST (12PM PHT).

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