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5 Ice Cream Flavors You Shouldn’t Miss on Selecta’s 3-Day Sale

Yes, you read that right. Selecta will be giving a P50 discount on specially marked ice cream tubs!

Ice cream has always been a favorite after-meal treat for many—especially for young kids who have a knack for anything and everything sweet. In the Philippines, one of the most known ice cream brands is Selecta, which has been around for so many decades that it has become a staple during parties and gatherings. In fact, the brand has been around for so long that even our lolos and lolas love it!

As their way of giving back to their patrons and giving many more Filipinos a reason to love them more, Selecta will be having a three-day sale! On July 17 to 19, 2020, Friday to Sunday, all their specially marked ice creams tubs will be P50 cheaper. Now, isn’t that worth marking your calendars? (Read: Have you tried these Pope Francis-inspired ice creams?)

If you’re wondering what flavor should you get during the sale, worry not! My Pope Philippines gives you the top 5 most favorite Selecta flavors of Filipinos young or old.


Photo from Selecta Ice Cream

The sweet and salty combination you just can’t get enough of. Selecta’s popular Keso (cheese) flavor is surely a flavor all ages would enjoy!

Thick Mango

Photo from Selecta Ice Cream

Of course, the country’s national fruit can’t not be in the top 5! This version of the mango ice cream by Selecta is surely TDF and it’s seriously oh so good! (Read: Travel Around Philippines With These Fruits in Season!)

Cookies and Cream

Photo from Selecta Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream, or C&C, is a kids’ favorite for an ice cream flavor. The chocolatey goodness from the crushed cookies mixed with the rich, creamy vanilla is something to look forward to at every party.

Coffee Crumble

Photo from Selecta Ice Cream

This is a treat for coffee lovers out there. Selecta has perfectly combined the bittersweet taste of coffee and the textured nuts and chocolate in this ice cream flavor. Truly, this is a delectable treat that you will surely look for! (Read: Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona)

Mango Graham Cake

Photo from Selecta Ice Cream

Mango graham cakes used to only be served during Christmas and New Year gatherings. But now, you can have it even on regular days! Thanks to Selecta’s Mango Graham Cake ice cream, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to get a taste of a well-loved Christmas dessert.

Check out the participating stores here.

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