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3 PH Schools to Consider if You Want to Become a Priest

Here are your top choices if you've found your true calling— just like Pope Francis!

Last December 13, Pope Francis celebrated the 51st anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. He entered the seminary in secret and told his mother that he is going to be a doctor.

But even then, Pope Francis jokingly insists that his younger self (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who, at a young age, collected piles of theology books in his room) did tell his mom the truth. “I didn’t lie to you, Mom,” he recounts his conversation with his mother Regina. “I’m going to be a doctor of the soul.” (Read: The Pope’s Employment History)

If you, or your child, want to enter the priesthood, then that’s a good thing, right? After all, the Catholic Church has been constantly encouraging young men to enter the seminary and serve the Lord. Here are three schools in and near Metro Manila to check out if you wish to enter the seminary.

Schools in the Philippines: San Carlos Seminary

Photo from San Carlos Seminary LinkedIn

The Royal and Conciliar San Carlos Seminary is the archdiocesan seminary of the Archdiocese of Manila. It is established by a decree of King Philip V of Spain in 1702. It offers priest formation under three stages called: Propaedeutic stage or the pre-college department, Disciple stage which focuses on Philosophy, and the Configuration stage which offers Theology.

Those who enter below 22 years old undergo the first stage where they will have rigid seminary orientation and learn the rubrics of prayer life, community living, study habits, and personal growth. (Read: 4 Places to Escape Near Metro Manila to Save Your Mental Health)

Schools in the Philippines: UST Central Seminary

UST Central Seminary (Photo from Paul Quiambao)

The oldest Catholic university in Asia is also a training ground for future priests. The UST Central Seminary is a pontifical and interdiocesan House of formation for deserving seminarians. It promotes service of the Gospel and active participation in social concerns through close collaboration with the clergy and the laity, utilization of new methodologies, and promotion of intercultural dialogue. 

In 1926, the bishops of the Philippines chose the University of Santo Tomas to be the seat of the Interdiocesan Seminary of the Philippines. The Vatican confirmed the resolution in 1927. (Read: Meet the Millennial Who Gave up Success to Become a Dominican Friar)

Schools in the Philippines: Oblates of the Virgin Mary

Photo from Oblates of the Virgin Mary

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary is a religious community of priests ad brothers who are dedicated to working toward a rebirth of spirituality in today’s world. Their seminary is located just almost an hour away from the Metro is a sound choice for those who wish to have a retreat experience while training to become future priests. The Oblates also have a seminary in Cebu. 

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