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You Would Love These Mouthwatering Sansrival Treats From Marvin Agustin

The photos alone are already tempting!

Many cafes, restaurants, and even online dessert shops offer a variety of sansrival treats. It is one of the most well-loved Filipino desserts that are always present on special occasions! The layers of buttercream, meringue, and chopped cashews, garnished with pistachios make it more addictive with every bite. 

Actor, entrepreneur, and chef Marvin Agustin recently shared photos and videos of his scrumptious sansrival treats on Instagram! Most of us might know that he owns more than dozens of restaurants.

Similar to other establishments, his food businesses were also affected by the pandemic. In an article from ABS CBN, Marvin shared that he got into baking during the quarantine. So, he ventured into an online shop, Mr. Vin Munchies, which offers mouthwatering cakes and pastries! 

Make sure you have something sweet or nutty beside you as you continue reading because these sansrival treats baked by Marvin might get you hungry! (Read: The Best Home Recipes by Chef Marvin Agustin)

Toasted Almond Sansrival Sandwich

Photos from Mr. Vin Munchies Facebook

The newest addition on Mr. Vin Munchies’ menu is the Toasted Almond Sansrival Sandwich! Referred as the “new superstar,” this sansrival treat is infused with homemade buttercream and coated with toasted almonds. It is a melt-in-your-mouth mini sandwich with a soft and chewy texture that is perfect for any time of the day! You can munch on it together with your favorite drink. 

It is best to consume when frozen to enjoy its buttery flavor and crunchiness more! You’ll love the distinctive taste of this treat. It is available in six pieces and nine pieces. 

Almond Sansrival Cake

Photos from Mr. Vin Munchies Facebook

Sansrival treats are most popular in cakes. Whether for a birthday or other occasions, sansrival cakes never fail to grace the dining table! This Almond Sansrival Cake from Mr. Vin Munchies has thick layers of meringue, buttercream, and almonds. In an Instagram video, Marvin described it as “the best every day” as you can devour it for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and midnight snack. You can even hear the ASMR crunchiness as he slices the cake! (Read: Here’s Where You Can Get Pasalubong Treats in the Metro)

Other pastries available at Mr. Vin Munchies are ensaymada, cheese rolls, banana bread, brownies, cookies, and more! To place your orders, visit this link.

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