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3 Saint Medals You Can Gift to Your Loved Ones

It's not too late to give them these meaningful gifts!

Have you ever wondered why so many Catholics wear saint medals? Do they hold some kind of superpower? What do they actually do?

Well, Catholics wear saint medals for a variety of reasons— some wear it because that saint is their patron saint, others wear it as a sort of protection if the medal is blessed, and there are also those who wear it to remind them of their devotion to the saint. For most people, these saint medals have been with them since they were a child— a gift for their baptism or confirmation. (Read: Four sacramentals that are known to be miraculous in the Philippines)

Saint medals are a perfect gift for the people you treasure most. Here are three saint medals from three famous saints and what they mean!

Saint Benedict Medal

Photo from Get Fed / The Catholic Company

Perhaps one of the most famous saint medals out there, the St. Benedict’s medal represents the founder of the Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino. He is considered the father of monasticism in the West and is known to have performed miracles. This medal protects the wearer from harm and evil spirits. (Read: 5 Instances the St. Benedict Medal Granted Miracles)

Saint Anthony Medal

Photo from Vintage Religious Medals

Do you have a special person who always loses his stuff? Give him St. Anthony’s medal! St. Anthony of Padua is a Portugese priest and Franciscan friar. He is a renowned teacher and preacher and is the patron saint of lost people and objects. According to one story, a Franciscan novice stole St. Anthony’s psalter. The saint prayed for its return and both the thief and psalter returned to the order. (Read: 5 Saints to Pray to if You Are a Certified Food Lover)

Saint Christopher Medal

Photo from Reddit

Many legends are attributed to St. Christopher. One of these is that he was a ferryman named Offerus. He was a large, strong man who carried people across a river. One day, a child asked him for transportation to the other side. As the two were crossing, the child grew heavier and heavier. The child later revealed that he is Jesus, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. St. Christopher then became known as the patron saint of travelers and transportation and his medal can be seen hanging in cars to protect the driver and passengers. (Read: 5 Prayers for Safe Travel)

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