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Hey, These Pet-Safe Ice Creams Will Cool Down Your Pups!

Let your dogs beat the heat with these dog-safe cold desserts.

Over the weekend, the heat index reached a year-high temperature of 51˚C in Pangasinan. This is well beyond the 31 to 34˚C we are used to experiencing every summer in the country— and temperatures like this require frequent rehydration and cooling so as to avoid heat exhaustion or worse, heatstroke.

The same goes for our four-legged furries like dogs, especially since they don’t have sweat glands to allow their body to cool even a bit. Paired with their thick furs, this makes dogs more prone to heatstroke.

But what do you do to cool them down when they’re not drinking the ice-cold water you give them? The answer is ice cream and popsicles! (Read: DIY Home Remedies to Keep You and Your Pets Cool This Summer)

Just like any kid (and even adults), dogs also love flavorful treats every now and then; and with ice cream, they get to have their dose of sweetness while also cooling their bodies down! Here are two brands that sell dog-safe ice creams:

Dog Ice Creams: Hoggin Dogs

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Does your dog love creamy treats? Better get them Hoggin Dogs ice cream for the hot weather! They have three flavors you can choose from: Peanut butter, Cheese, and Bacon, which come in two sizes (small and regular). (Read: LIST: Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs)

The Hoggin Dogs ice creams don’t have added sugar and are lactose-free— so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s stomach getting upset! You can order here.

Dog Ice Creams: Pupsicles

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Pupsicles, on the other hand, is more on the ‘juicy’ side of things instead of creamy. It comes in various flavors such as pumpkin banana, watermelon coconut, banana pork broth, and strawberry banana. They can even upgrade the popsicles for a minimal fee by using a homemade dental stick instead of a regular popsicle stick!

What’s more is some Pupsicles are dog- and human-friendly, which means you and your pet can enjoy them at the same time! You can order here.

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