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This Group of Women Brings Cordillera Produce to the Metro Amid Pandemic

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Many industries have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the local farmers who have been harvesting tons of fruits and vegetables but haven’t been able to deliver it to other markets especially in the city.

To help address this problem, a women-led initiative called Sadiwa PH has come together to make local produce more available in the city. Their main goal is to help farmers in the Cordillera region who are hugely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Every week, they bring local goods to the city to allow the farmers to earn despite the challenges they are facing amid the pandemic. (Read: 5 Plant-Based Ingredients for Your Daily Meals)

We talk to Sadiwa PH to get to know them and their initiative better!

Tell us more about Sadiwa PH.

Sadiwa is a local term meaning “sariwa” (fresh), then we played around it to include “diwa” (spirit) which is very important during these kinds of situations. Our team is composed of determined women rising from the heart of Metro Manila who aspire to give more to those who have less. What started out as a donation drive has now turned into a continuous effort of making sure that local Cordillera farmers get to sustain their livelihoods through direct sourcing all the way to the Metro.

While our main goal is to uplift our partner farmers, the quality of our products offered to our customers is another top priority because we believe that especially during this crisis, eating right is a must.

What encouraged you to help our local farmers?

All of us in the team are lucky enough to still be able to keep our jobs. Hence, providing for our family’s daily needs is not a problem. We actually have so much more compared to our partner farmers. Doing this little initiative will mean so much to them because they get to eat every day while still keeping their businesses open. It’s true that a little help goes a long way and to be honest, this is the least that we could do for these people who are out and about from sunset to sunrise.

Photos courtesy of Sadiwa / Rappler

Is Sadiwa PH going to become a long term project?

We’re aiming for it to become a long term project because in the future, we also want to extend our help to more farmers aside from those in Cordillera. We also aim to lessen the market chain by directly distributing their produce to the consumers, because in this way they get to have the maximum profit.

What Cordillera products do you carry?

Our products are King berries, choga berries, lemons, strawberry jams (available in 8oz and 12oz) and blueberry jams (12oz). We can cater to all orders within Metro Manila that can be reached by online couriers (Grab, Lalamove, etc).

How can we order from Sadiwa PH and the Cordillera farmers?

You can fill out our order form. We open it usually on weekends (either Saturday or Sunday) until around Thursday evening. Then, we dispatch these orders as well during weekends.

Interested buyers can scroll through our Facebook and Instagram to see the products they can order. They can also join our Viber Community to be the first to know about our releases and announcements.

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