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This ‘Saba Banana Peel Sisig’ is Perfect for the Health Conscious

Don't throw away that banana peel just yet!

Whenever Filipinos have a celebration, there are several dishes and desserts that are almost always on the table— one of which is sisig!

That fatty, greasy, mouthwatering dish that people of all ages love. But because it is heavy on cholesterol, health-conscious individuals try to avoid it. But what if we told you that even those who are want to eat healthily can now have a plate of sisig? (Read: Quick and Healthy Recipes Made With Canned Goods)

That’s right— you can still eat sisig even if you’re watching your cholesterol, or on a strict diet thanks to Chef Chona Laureta’s guilt-free sisig version!

Saba Banana Peel Sisig

We say that Chef Chona’s sisig is guilt-free because it doesn’t use any meat in it. The thing that’s serving as the ‘meat’ of the dish is actually banana peels! Yes, ripe saba peels. (Read: 3 Food Items That Bear the Illuminating ‘Color of the Year’)

You might be wondering how it will actually fare compared to the real meaty sisig, but with the mayonnaise, garlic powder, soy sauce, onions, garlic, and other ingredients, you won’t even notice the difference. Watch the video here.

Benefits of Banana Peel

Photo from ChiccoDodiFC / iStockphoto / Gardening Know How

Banana peels, just like the banana itself, is loaded with health benefits. For one, it has anti-oxidants that help fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body and increases the level of anti-oxidants in your body! It also has fiber which is good for regulating bowel movements, and potassium which aids in high blood pressure. Banana peels also have essential amino acids needed by our bodies. (Read: Five Healthy Alternatives to Junkfood)

The banana peel can also be used as a face mask of sorts as it can serve as an exfoliant— effectively removing oil and dirt from your face. It also helps brighten dark spots and gives you brighter skin.

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