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RVM Congregation Grieves Death of 11 Nuns Due To COVID-19

All 11 nuns passed away from September 13 to 26.

Nuns and staff of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) congregation are currently grieving after another one of their nuns succumb to COVID-19. The nun is now the 11th death that the convent experienced this pandemic. And this number is a tally from September 13 to 26 only–just two weeks and they have already had deaths more than they can count on two hands.

According to Mother Ma. Corazon Agda, RVM Superior General, they are considering this as their own 911. “We may have our own version of 911 in our 337-year history— with 11 Sisters leaving us for the next life in a span of 14 days (from) September 13 to 26,” she said. (Read: At Least 20 Cardinals Have Been Infected With COVID-19)

She also called it “one of the most distressing experiences in our Motherhouse compound”, which is located in Quezon City.

COVID-19 outbreak

Photo from The Religious of the Virgin Mary Vocations Facebook

The 11 nuns were part of the 62 nuns and 52 lay personnel who tested positive for the novel coronavirus back in mid-September. The outbreak in their convent prompted them to go on a lockdown.

The RVM congregation is one of the convents in Quezon City alone that faced a COVID-19 outbreak last month. It was, and is still is, a challenging time for them, but according to the RVM Superior General, they are remaining hopeful thanks to prayers from many of the Catholics around the country. (Read: Catholic Monasteries And Convents Experiencing COVID-19 Outbreaks)

“The COVID virus may have invaded the most protected and sheltered community in the Motherhouse compound. It may have stirred fears we realized we could not runaway from. But it has allowed us to experience goodness and kindness beyond counting,” she said.

Mother Agda shared that they have been given donations left and right ever since the outbreak, and have received calls, emails, and texts from concerned individuals who ask how they are doing and are comforting them during these times.

“May God who is never outdone in generosity bless you, your community, your institution, and your family,” she ended her message.

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