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Your Ultimate Guide for the Two-Week Curfew in Metro Manila

Avoid violations and fines by remembering these important curfew protocols!

According to data from police and other authorities, over 100 violators were caught during the first night of the imposed two-week curfew in Metro Manila. From 10 PM to 5 AM, checkpoints around the metro inspected vehicles and reprimanded those who are outside their houses.

Minors were also caught staying outside after 8 PM (those below 18 years old have a curfew of 8PM to 5AM), and were required to be fetched by their parents from the social welfare and development offices in their respective areas. Many of the violators said that they either didn’t notice the time or they had to go out to buy food for their families.

Nevertheless, they were required to attend a lecture on health and safety protocols, and were given tickets where they would have to pay a fine between P1,000 to P5,000. (Read: What is the difference between MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ?)

“Sana ‘yung ating mga mamamayan ay iwasan na lumabas, ‘yung wala naman talagang gagawin sa labas, ‘yung mga istambay, ‘yung mga walang rason,” Quezon City Police District director Police Brigadier General Danilo Macerin said.

An armed policeman talks to a jeepney driver on Monday, March 15, 2021, at a checkpoint in Quezon City placed to implement a curfew.  (Photo from Reuters/Eloisa Lopez/GMA Network)

But what exactly are the rules and regulations for the two-week curfew in Metro Manila? My Pope Philippines gives you a guide!

Curfew Hours

Until March 31, children and teenagers below 18 years old are not allowed outside their homes from 8 PM until 5 AM. On the other hand, those 18 and above should be inside their homes from 10 PM to 5 AM.

Essential workers, employees who work a graveyard shift, or those whose shifts end by 10 PM will be exempted from the curfew. A valid ID should be presented in these cases.

Food Deliveries and Businesses

Food deliveries are still allowed after 10 PM and food establishments are allowed to operate 24/7. Only delivery riders are allowed to purchase food during curfew hours. Food establishments in Quezon City (bars, restaurants, cafes) are also operating under restrictions from the local government.

Liquor Ban

Once again, a liquor ban will be in place meaning consumers will not be able to purchase any alcoholic beverage from any establishment for the two-week period. (Read: 3 Ways to Practice Responsible Tourism Amid Pandemic)

Smoking Areas Closed

As for designated smoking areas, some were temporarily closed in workplaces and various establishments to avoid crowding of people in one small area, and taking off of masks.

Quarantine Passes

Caloocan has required the use of quarantine passes for shopping once again. It can be recalled that in the past months, even those without quarantine passes have been allowed to enter establishments.

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