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Blackpink Concert: Rosé Debuts Solo Song – Plus Other Highlights!

2021 is off to a great start for all the Blackpink members!

On Sunday, January 31, fans of the Korean girl group Blackpink were treated to live and out-of-this-world performances by Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa during their online concert, “The Show.”

But it wasn’t just the dances and songs that made Blackpink’s adoring fans squeal with glee at home. This is because, in one of their performances, Rosé finally debuted her first solo song, “Gone!” (Read: 8 Words You Should Know if You’re a True K-Pop Fan)

The 23-year-old sang her heartfelt solo song clad in a dreamy dress, with just a guitarist accompanying her on stage. And, as expected, millions of fans immediately made the performance a trending topic on Twitter along with other tweets related to “The Show.”

Just as sad as the title, the song talks about a love that was once there and is now lost. “You broke my heart just for fun, took my love, and just left me numb,” the lyrics said. It is a full English song, seeing as Rosé was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia.

Rosé’s First Solo Project

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Rosé’s live performance on “The Show,” worry not because the official music video for “Gone” will soon be up on Blackpink’s YouTube channel!

Yes, you read that right. Last week, Blackpink already released the teaser for Rosé’s solo project on YouTube— and it’s serving a lot of amazing scenes that we all can’t wait to see! (Read: 3 Things to Expect from ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ on Netflix)

And while the official date for the release of the music video is still yet to be announced, YG Entertainment says it can happen anytime soon. “We’re working on the finishing touches for the music video… We will make the official announcement soon,” the agency said in an interview.

Blackpink Concert Highlights

Photo from AllKpop

Aside from Rosé’s song, the other members of the four-piece girl group also made waves on the internet for their individual performances and outfits. (Read: Blackpink Jennie Starts YouTube Channel, Other Members Begin Solo Projects)

Lisa, their Thai member, did a cover of one of 2020’s most viral songs, “Say So” by Doja Cat. Clad in a black and gold dress, the singer-rapper left fans in awe with her sensual performance and undeniable rapping skills (she wrote some of the raps for her cover!).

Another is when Jisoo, the oldest Blackpink member, sang a Korean cover of the chart-topping Tove Lo song, “Habits.” She performed it with so much confidence and passion that you’d think it was her own song!

And of course, how can we forget about Jennie? The 26-year-old member wrote a new rap verse for her 2018 solo song, “Solo.” With so much grace and talent, the singer made jaws drop with her performance, demonstrating why Blackpink is one of the biggest Korean groups in the world right now.

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