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Robinsons Malls Saves Energy With More Solar Rooftops

A huge step in making change for the environment.

Robinsons Malls continues to prove its strong commitment to carbon reduction as two more malls installed solar panels through the solar rooftop project. This brings the total number of malls using sustainable energy to 23. 

Through this, the mall operator has increased its solar energy portfolio to nearly 30 megawatts (MW) to further cement its position as the country’s largest mall operator powered by solar. (Read: 3 Apps You Can Use to Help Plant a Tree)

Instead of buying electricity from a distribution utility, Robinsons Malls can power its facilities by “harnessing solar energy during the day, thereby relieving the burden on the grid especially during peak hours and helping the government address instances of power shortage.”

Solar rooftop project

The use of solar panels in different Robinsons Malls promotes sustainability, reduces pollution, and brings energy costs down. Seen here are the solar panels of Robinsons Place Pangasinan. (Photo from Robinsons Land)

In 2015, Robinsons Malls shifted to clean energy. The mall operator significantly reduced its energy consumption and lowered its dependence on the grid by generating its own electricity through the solar rooftop projects. This move was seen to “lower its carbon footprint and generate efficiencies for the company in the future.”

This year, the mall operator installed solar panels in the rooftops of two more malls, Robinsons Place Santiago in Isabela and Robinsons Place Butuan in Agusan del Norte.

The solar rooftop at Robinsons Place Santiago has an installed capacity of 2,091.26-kilowatt-peak (kWp), a total of 5,598 units of solar panels, and 37 units of inverters. It started in April and has since generated a total of 519,871.28 kW-hr, which is equivalent to 368.44 metric tons (MT) of avoided CO2 emission or 6,092 trees planted.

Meanwhile, Robinsons Place Butuan has an installed total capacity of 1,296.00-kWp. (Read: Watsons’ Sustainability Program Inspires People To Do Good For The Environment)

It also helps ease power demand from the Isabela I Electric Cooperative Inc. distribution system, which can then be used to power up more critical establishments during the pandemic.

Solar panels seen on the rooftop of Robinsons Place Santiago in Isabela. (Photo from ABS-CBN News)

Starting its operations in June, the Butuan solar project has generated a total of 317,536.25 kW-hr, translating to 225.04 MT of avoided CO2 emission, which is equivalent to 3,721 trees planted.

Progress of the project

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Robinsons Malls has installed solar rooftop projects in its 23 malls with a total 30.79 megawatts in capacity up to date. (Read: Vatican Applauds ‘Diocese of Maasin’ for Renewable Energy Efforts)

According to its latest sustainability update, Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), the operator of Robinsons Malls, was able to generate PHP 210 million in savings from its solar power portfolio last year.

Robinsons Malls’ growing solar energy portfolio demonstrates the property firm’s commitment to protect the environment from the adverse effects of carbon emissions and become an industry leader in efficient energy use.

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