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Will table barriers be the ‘new normal’ in PH restaurants?

From plexiglass barriers to food trucks, here are some of the possibilities when it comes to eating out after the pandemic.

As governments around the world start to ease up on some of their COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, people are beginning to go out of the safety of their homes to go to public places.

In Italy, people are now allowed to physically attend Holy Mass in churches as long as health protocols are still followed. While 2,579 kilometers from them, in Scotland, non-contact sports such as golf and tennis will resume starting next week.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, some provinces and cities have already transitioned to the general community quarantine (GCQ) which means that malls are now able to resume operations. And once people heard of the news, they immediately headed to the closest mall so they could buy from their favorite stores (which they weren’t able to do for more than two months) or eat the food they’ve been craving for weeks.

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A McDonald’s branch tests a “virus-proof” restaurant. (Photo from Piroschka van de Wouw / Reuters / Business Insider)

However, with the pandemic still evidently causing mayhem in the country, people are still strongly advised to observe strict health protocols such as physical distancing and wearing of face masks. But how could you practice health protocols in a jam-packed space such as a restaurant?

People have been weighing in on how restaurants will cope with the “new normal” due to the pandemic. Here are some of the possibilities when it comes to eating out after the pandemic.

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Drive-thru and Takeouts

A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf team member hands a drink to a drive-thru customer. (Photo from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf / Las Vegas Review-Journal)

With the new normal, people would most likely try to lessen physical contact with others, especially strangers. This is why families may likely choose to purchase their food through a takeout counter or a drive-thru and eat it at home rather than eat at the restaurant. They may also opt for deliveries especially if one of the people in their household is considered to have a high risk of contracting COVID-19.

Food Trucks

Video screenshot from WPTA 21

While we really don’t have much food trucks in the country, we have the popular jollijeep, which is like a carinderia on wheels. Restaurants might pick up the idea of starting their own food truck so they could still serve their customers while keeping health protocols in check. Their food trucks can have a glass barrier between the kitchen and the customer, and customers can still practice physical distancing while in line.

Less Gatherings

A party with friends and family is definitely something to look forward to during your birthday, but sadly, we might not be able to go big with our birthday celebrations in the near future. Experts are discouraging people to host large gatherings as it increases an individual’s risk of contracting the disease. Restaurants may also hold off on offering birthday packages as a response to the new normal.

(Left) Ristorante Il Ciak in Rome explored the best way to set these up in their dining room. (Photo from Andrew Medichini / AP Photo / Insider); (Right) A demonstration of how plexiglass barriers would be set up at Goga Café in Milan. (Photo from Claudio Furlan / LaPresse via AP / Insider)

Aside from the aforementioned, some restaurants are also looking into installing glass barriers between tables to avoid close contact among customers and maintain physical distancing. Some food establishments in Italy are already thinking of how they will install plexiglass barriers in between tables.

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