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3 Productive Ways to Repurpose Fruit Peelings

You can actually turn them into something new for your home or garden!

Did you know that you can use your kitchen waste for something else, and not just throw it away immediately after cooking? We’re talking specifically about fruit peelings, which you can actually make into something new for your home or garden!

It doesn’t have to be disposed of as soon as you’re done cooking or preparing your dish because you can repurpose it, and even practice zero waste habits! (Read: 3 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Eat ‘Zero Waste’)

If you’re curious about the uses of fruit peelings, we’re here to list ways on how you can repurpose them. Read on.

Repurposed Fruit Peels: Aromatic Bath

Photos from Portlandia Pie Lady and Monstera from Pexels

Now, you can experience the spa even in the comfort of your own home! Create an aromatic and soothing bath by soaking fresh orange, lime, or lemon peels in the bath. The water draws out essential oils from the peels which will help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Repurposed Fruit Peels: Bird Feeding Cups

Photo from Kelly Ladd/Treehugger

If you have half an orange peel, which resembles a bowl or cup, why not recycle it and turn it into cups for bird feeding? Your neighborhood birds will thank you for the free meal, and the environment will be grateful that you are recycling. Plus, it is a great way to teach your kids to be kind to nature!

Repurposed Fruit Peels: Skincare Products

 (Photos from The Homespun Hydrangea, BeautyScara – Beauty, and Freepik)

In this day and age where we all love to do skincare routines, there is the issue of using and throwing out too many plastics and packaging. Face masks are the main culprit, since most of the sheet masks we use come in plastic packagings which are single-use.

So to save money and avoid plastic waste, try to use fruit peels for your skin! Boiled apple or potato peels can make for a good toner, while avocado skin/peels can be applied directly to the face and hair as a moisturizer. (Read: Your A to Z Guide to Common Skincare Ingredients)

Moreover, banana peel can be repurposed into a body scrub! Just search the internet for uses of fruit and vegetable peels available in your house— we’re sure you’ll find a use for it!

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