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6 Religious Titles You Need to Watch on Netflix This Lent

Make movie night more meaningful with these worth-the-watch flicks!

Part of the Holy Week tradition in the Philippines is watching a religious film depicting stories from the Bible, or the life and passion of Jesus Christ. These six picks currently streaming on Netflix may not be your usual religious movies, but they are just as inspiring— and even entertaining! 

From Bible stories to modern-day fiction, My Pope Philippines lists six religious shows on the streaming platform that you need to add to your must-watch list this season of Lent. Check them out below! (Read: 3 Mobile Apps to Help You Observe a Meaningful Lent)

Religious Shows on Netflix: Paul, Apostle of Christ

After famously playing Jesus Christ in the controversial Passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel stars as Luke the evangelist, who convinces the imprisoned Paul (James Faulkner) to share the story of how he became of one Christianity’s most influential leaders. Olivier Martinez, Joanne Whalley, and John Lynch also star in this 2018 biblical drama.

Religious Shows on Netflix: The Jesus Code

Photo from The Jesus Code YouTube

Is the Shroud of Turin for real? Was James the brother of Jesus? These are just two of the six questions the 2015 historical docuseries attempts to answer, using known relics as clues. (Read: The Pope’s Lenten Message for 2021)

Religious Shows on Netflix: Our Lady of San Juan: Four Centuries of Miracles

Photo from IMDb

In 1623, a Mexican girl receives a miracle from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fast forward to four centuries later, when a family embarks on a pilgrimage to seek a miracle for their own child. The 2020 dramatization is suitable for kids ages 13 and up. (Read: 3 Books to Feed Your Curiosity About Catholic Saints)

Religious Shows on Netflix: Holy Goalie

Karra Elejalde, Joel Bosqued, El Langui, Alain Hernández, and Macarena García in ‘Holy Goalie’ (‘Que baje Dios y lo vea’) (2017) (Photo from IMDb)

Can a young priest and his team of uncoordinated monks win a soccer tournament to prevent developers from turning their rural monastery into a hotel? It’ll take a miracle! Alain Hernandez, El Langui, Fernando Valverde, and Guillermo Furiase Gonzalez star in this 2018 Spanish comedy.

Religious Shows on Netflix: The Messiah

He’s got the long flowing hair, the beard, the piercing gaze, and a growing following of believers. Could he be who people think he is? Mehdi Dehbi stars as the titular character of this 2020 10-part miniseries. Michelle Monaghan plays the CIA agent behind his investigation. (Read: Your 7-Day Meal Plan for the Lenten Season)

Religious Shows on Netflix: Overcomer

When a high school basketball coach is forced to manage the cross-country team, his only recruit is a young girl with asthma. Faith and forgiveness are the values taught in this 2019 Christian drama starring Alex Kendrick as Coach John Harrison and Aryn Wright-Thompson as reluctant cross-country runner Hannah Scott.

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