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10 Refreshing Yakult Mixes You Should Try

Turn your childhood favorite drink to a new summer refreshment that you will surely love!

If you are a big fan of Yakult like us and can hardly keep yourself from opening another bottle after you already finished drinking one, then you might want to add other beverages to it to make a completely new drink! 

Yakult is a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk beverage. It is fermented with the bacteria strain Lactobacillus paracasei Shirota. According to the company’s website, daily consumption of Yakult helps improve digestion and helps build immunity. (Read: 3 Quirky Yakult Recipes to Try on Your Next Kitchen Adventure)

Give this classic drink a refreshing twist with these recipes!

Yakult + Rite N’ Lite + Chia Seeds

Yakult + Rite n Lite (Photo from Explore with Chelo PH Facebook)

Yes, the local carbonated drink Rite n’ Lite can be mixed with Yakult and chia seeds! There are four refreshing flavors to choose from: orange, lemon, root beer, and lemon & lime. (Read: Starbucks Has Just Released Their Summer Drinks, And They All Look Delicious!)

Yakult + Ice Cream

Yakult + ice cream (Photos from Pickles and Tea Blog)

What’s more refreshing than a glass full of your favorite probiotic drink topped with an ice cream? Yakult + Ice Cream is absolutely perfect for every member of the family! Read the recipe here.

Yakult + Strawberry

Yakult + strawberry (Photo from The Maya Kitchen)

Missing Baguio? Then try this Yakult strawberry soda float! It is sweet, refreshing, and only needs five ingredients! Check out the recipe here. (Read: 3 Delicious Non-Coffee Drinks to Keep You Alert at Work)

Yakult + Honey + Chia Seeds + Lemon

Yakult + honey + chia seeds + lemon (Photos from Drinking Nose YouTube)

Another chia seed recipe but this time with the sweetness of honey. Chia seeds contain large amounts of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of high-quality protein, and several minerals and antioxidants which help improve digestion and blood levels. Follow the recipe here.

Yakult + Watermelon + Strawberry 

Yakult + watermelon + strawberry (Photo from Cookpad)

Yakult mixed with watermelon and strawberry? Sounds delicious! Keep yourself hydrated and healthy this summer season with this sweet and tasty drink. Try the recipe here.

Yakult + Mango

Yakult + mango (Photos from Yakult Australia, TopPNG, and Open Drinks)

Lucky of us Filipinos, there is no shortage of mangoes in the Philippines. The tropical fruit can be enjoyed in a variety of ways including mixing them with your favorite childhood drink! Follow the steps here.

Yakult + Vodka Martini

Yakult + martini vodka (Photo from Food is a Four-letter Word)

Yes, you’ve heard of Yakult soju, but have you tried mixing it with a vodka martini? Save this recipe for your next get together with friends — of course, when it’s safe to do so! (Read: 3 Alcoholic Beverages With Catholic Origins)

Yakult + Fruits + Yogurt

Yakult + fruits + yogurt (Photos from Much Butter)

Fruit yogurt soup or sup buah is a popular Indonesian dessert made of dice fruits mixed with ice cube and yogurt. It is commonly made with condensed milk, but for a refreshing twist, try adding Yakult! The recipe can be found here.

Yakult + Green Tea

Yakult + green tea (Photos from Yakult Australia,, and Oh Rachelle YouTube)

For tea-tas out there, you can now enjoy your favorite drink ala Gong Cha! Watch the procedure here. (Read: LIST: Vitamin-Rich Fruits You Need on Your Plate, Stat!)

Yakult + Coffee Jelly

Yakult + coffee jelly (Photo from Homade Recipes)

Team no sleep, you might want to give up your cup of coffee for a day and try this flavorful drink. Get the recipe here.

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