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Refreshing Drinks You Can Make in Less Than 10 Minutes

Enjoy these easy peasy and healthy homemade beverages!

Sometimes, all we need is a sip of coffee or any beverages to start our day right. Everyone is always in a hurry, especially every morning, which hinders us from enjoying or preparing our favorite drink. So, most of us end up grabbing whatever drink we see in the nearest cafe or at the convenience store we pass by. (Read: These drinks may be well-loved, but they can make you even more thirsty)

If you’re looking for healthy and fruit-filled refreshing drinks that are easy to make, check out these homemade drinks you can make in just a few minutes:

Refreshing Drinks: Iced coffee protein shake

Photos from Simply Happy Foodie LLC

Longing for your daily caffeine fix? Worry no more! Level up your usual go-to iced coffee with this nutrient-packed beverage. You can use espresso powder, chocolate or vanilla protein powder, or any coffee powder you usually use. Mix all the ingredients in a blender until it’s smooth. For a creamier texture, try to add some frozen bananas! Follow the recipe here. (Read: 3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day)

Refreshing Drinks: Fruit slushies

Photo from Super Healthy Kids

Kids love frosty and colorful treats. But for a healthier alternative to their usual candy, try giving them a refreshing and nutritious drink to guzzle down that is free from artificial flavors! Fruit slushies might be a good choice since it only contains fresh fruits. It can be watermelon slushie, strawberry slushie, mango slushie, banana slushie, or any fruit available in your kitchen! Follow the recipe here

Refreshing Drinks: Fruit-infused water

Photos from A Mind “Full” Mom

Always stay hydrated with different fruit combinations! This naturally flavored water is not just very easy to make, it also has health benefits and cleansing effects on the body. Perfect as a post-workout drink! It only consists of three ingredients such as fruits, herbs, and water. You can mix any fruits you prefer! For the herbs, it is recommended to use mint or basil. Refrigerate for at least an hour or let it chill overnight to bring out the delicious fruity flavors. Follow the recipe here. (Read: 10 Refreshing Yakult Mixes You Should Try)

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