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RedDoorz PH Launches Certification Program to Ensure Hotel Safety

Hotels in the Philippines will undergo a thorough hygiene and sanitation audit in anticipation of the "new normal."

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting the world, businesses, establishments, and even ways of living had to adjust. People now wear face masks every day, only go out if necessary, and some even devised ways to ensure no-contact living for the new norm—just like the SaniKey which can be used to hold doors and push buttons without using hands.

Businesses and establishments, on the other hand, had to revise some of its regulations, just like how malls now implement thermal scanning, and how restaurants are not accepting any dine-in customers for now.

The pandemic has definitely affected everyone, and businesses took a huge hit as they were forced to close and cease operations to avoid mass gatherings. But with COVID-19 projected to last for two years, everyone is trying to find ways to live in the so-called ‘new normal’.

Photo from RedDoorz Facebook

One of the businesses that are already starting to adjust to the new living standards is RedDoorz Philippines. The biggest and fastest-growing online hotel booking platform in Southeast Asia has recently launched the HygienePass program—a certification program that aims to standardize their hotels’ hygiene and sanitation measures to ensure guest safetyr. (Read: Here’s what the ‘new normal’ in hotel facilities will look like)

For HygienePass, RedDoorz has partnered with health expert Dr. Renzo Guinto, MD, DrPH. “I’m very keen on supporting RedDoorz on this initiative for there’s now a great need to recognise public health and safety measures and I’m pleased to learn how committed RedDoorz is in implementing the programme for hotels given the ‘new normal’ requirements of the consumers,” Dr. Guinto says.

He added that RedDoorz’s new sanitation measures are in line with national and international guidelines on infection prevention and control for hotels and other hospitality businesses.

Photos from Renzo Guinto Twitter and RedDoorz Facebook

All 250 RedDoorz hotels in the Philippines will undergo the HygienePass Certification Program and will be audited by Dr. Guinto himself. Non-RedDoorz establishments can also apply for the certification.

Aside from that, hotel staff will also be trained to apply the new set of sanitation measurements in the establishments in anticipation of the reopening of hotels in the country. (Watch: Filipino doctors give tips on how to navigate the ‘new normal’)


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