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3 Delicious Recipes Using Almost-Spoiled Groceries

You shouldn't have to throw away perfectly usable ingredients!

Because of the unpredictable situation due to COVID-19, people have changed lifestyles and purchasing practices. We’ve started to lessen going out to at least once a week, shifted to mostly online shopping, and resorted to buying essentials in bulk whenever we have to.

This is exactly how we’ve done our grocery and supply shopping for the last year. We buy what we need for the next one or two weeks so we can avoid going out and reduce the risk of getting infected with the novel coronavirus. But sometimes, there are instances that we don’t use up all our supplies or eat all the food we allotted for those weeks. (Read: 3 Food Items You Store in Your Fridge but Shouldn’t)

When this happens, we’d feel guilty for wasting food or leaving it to spoil. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Here are a few things you can do to leftover items from your grocery runs which you can use for new dishes!

Recipes for Almost-Spoiled Food: Bread

Photos from PNGEgg and Betty Crocker

Bread is a staple in Filipino households as we love to pair it with our cup of coffee in the morning. But there are times where we can’t avoid having bread leftovers especially when we have no time for breakfast. This, however, doesn’t mean that we have to just leave it on the table to spoil! (Read: 3 Tips to Prolong Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables)

We can use plain bread to make simple but delicious bread pudding that can be enjoyed after a hefty meal. Here is a recipe for bread pudding.

Recipes for Almost-Spoiled Food: Cheese

Photos from (Cheddar cheese) Alexandra Shytsman/Verywell Fit and Kitchen @ Hoskins

Cheese adds a different flavor to any kind of dish, as it brings saltiness that makes the food all the more appealing. But as we all know, cheese— just like other dairy products— has a short shelf life because of the dairy in it. So why not put it to good use before its best before date, and make something delicious out of it?

Try making these mac and cheese cups as a snack for you and your kids and enjoy it while having a movie night! Find the recipe here.

Recipes for Almost-Spoiled Food: Eggs

Photos from PNGEgg and My Korean Kitchen blog

Eggs are a crowd favorite because of their versatility— they can be eaten on their own (in many different ways (omelets, sunny side up, boiled, etc.) or be used for another dish as an ingredient. But if you’re running out of ideas for eggs, but still have a bunch in the refrigerator needed to be used ASAP, then why not cook breakfast egg fried rice?

You can even use leftover rice (bahaw) for this— hitting two birds with one stone! Click here for the recipe.

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