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3 Quick And Easy Recipes From ‘A Catholic Mom’s Life’ YouTube

Your kids will surely love these recipes!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine that came with it, many started to upload more content on their online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to cope with the isolation.

While most just document their daily quarantine lives or do viral challenges on the Internet, some content creators are using their platforms to spread positivity and inspire others, especially amid this health crisis. And one of the inspirational channels My Pope Philippines came across on YouTube is vlogger and mom Heather who runs her YouTube channel, A Catholic Mom’s Life.

Heather’s content ranges from educational videos on Mass etiquette, life tips, and regular vlogs of her family and her five children. As a homemaker, Heather also shares some recipes (including some for Lent!) so it would be easier for her subscribers to find something they can cook for their family. (Read: WATCH: Fr. Antonio Molavin on Living a Good Life Serving the Lord)

Check out her recipes below!

A Catholic Mom’s Life Recipes: Margarita Chicken

Photo from A Catholic Mom’s Life YouTube

The Margarita Chicken is a baked chicken breast fillet topped with cheese, tomatoes, and pesto sauce. Heather pairs it with a caesar salad but you can also eat rice with it. She says that this recipe is one that you can make if you’re a big rush and only have an hour or less to prepare food.

Plus, the Margarita Chicken is also healthy because it’s baked and not fried! Check out the procedures here.

A Catholic Mom’s Life Recipes: Tuscan Skillet

Photo from A Catholic Mom’s Life YouTube

Tuscan Skillet is a vegan-friendly, meatless recipe that Catholics can eat during Lent when they are abstaining from eating pork, beef, and other land animal products. (Read: What’s the Difference Between Fasting and Abstinence?)

It makes use of a whole bunch of vegetables which means you can definitely get your daily dose of greens from this dish! You can even make your kids eat veggies because it’s so delicious they won’t even mind that it’s vegetables. Find the recipe here.

A Catholic Mom’s Life Recipes: Christmas Cookies

Photo from A Catholic Mom’s Life YouTube

Who says you can’t eat Christmas cookies when it’s not December? Heather says these Christmas cookies are the best she’s ever tried that’s why she’s sharing the recipe with her subscribers.

The recipe is simple and easy to make, and it will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth out there. It combines M&M’s, pretzels, and chocolate chips in one satisfying, crunchy cookie, and also has a bit of rolled oats for a ~healthy~ kick! You can also make this with your younger siblings or kids as a form of bonding at home. Get the recipe here.

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