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Monday, September 21, 2020
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3 Quirky Yakult Recipes to Try on Your Next Kitchen Adventure

Change up your Yakult drinking habits with these fun recipes!

Almost everyone in the Philippines grew up drinking the probiotic drink Yakult.

Parents made their kids take it because it’s a sweet drink that helps aid digestion, making it easy for the little ones to drink. And as times changed, people have concocted different drinks and desserts made with Yakult so it could cater to more taste preferences of both children and adults alike.

Now, there’s the Yakult iced tea, the Yakult lemonade, and even the Yakult-infused milk tea! But did you know that there are other drinks you can make with Yakult as an ingredient? (Read: These drinks may be well-loved, but they can make you even more thirsty)

We give you three recipes that you could mix at home to change up your Yakult drinking habits! Some of these recipes can be drank even by health-conscious people as the ingredients are fruit juices or milk.

Green Tea With Yakult

This recipe is for all “tea-tas” and “tea-tos” out there who love their cup of tea! Put a twist to your regular cup of green tea by adding some Yakult and lime juice. This drink is refreshing and perfect for hot weather—and you can even make it into a green tea yakult latte! (Read: Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona)

Check the green tea with yakult recipe here and the green tea yakult latte recipe here.

Milk, Orange Juice, and Yakult

If you’re looking for a fun drink to try during the quarantine, you might want to take a peek at this milk, orange juice, and Yakult drink combination! It has some calcium, vitamin C, and probiotics, which means it helps your body’s immunity in some way—sounds good right? Go try it now by following the recipe found here!

Yakult Slushie

Looking for a cold drink to serve to your family? Here’s the perfect beverage for you—the Yakult slushie! It’s really easy to make as you just have to freeze the Yakult for some time and mix fruit juice with it once it’s frozen. You can watch the video here to check.

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