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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Celebrate Halloween at Home With These Spooky Treats! - image MPPPA_LEADERBOARD_728x90_rev on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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Celebrate Halloween at Home With These Spooky Treats!

Bond and make these treats with your family this coming Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, and parents are scrambling to find a way for their kids to celebrate the occasion even at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some parents are looking into having a Halloween party of sorts at home with their kids’ friends attending virtually, just like how most celebrations have been done this pandemic. Meanwhile, others plan on having a simple celebration with their family in the form of a Halloween-themed game night or dress-up dinner. (Read: Putting a party together? We gathered the best advice from expert event planners!)

And if you’re one of those who just wants a simple Halloween celebration, why not bake something with your siblings or kids? It’s both a Halloween celebration and form of bonding, and you get to eat it after, so it’s a win all around! That’s why My Pope is listing some Halloween-inspired treats and desserts you can make on Halloween.

Halloween Treats: Dracula Dentures

Photo from Alexa Payesko / Delish

One of the timeless characters during Halloween is Dracula, the famous vampire from the 1897 novel of the same name. Every Halloween, many children dress up as a vampire and wear dentures to get the “vampire look” of having fangs. And because the fangs are iconic, here’s a recipe for Dracula Denture cookies that make use of marshmallows to get the vampire look.

You can find the recipe and procedure here.

Halloween Treats: Chocolate Mousse Jack O’ Lanterns

Photo from Food Matters

The Jack O’ Lantern or pumpkin is undeniably the most popular Halloween “character” there is. Kids go trick or treating carrying baskets in the shape of the Jack O’ Lantern and some even dress up as the Jack O’ Lantern! So why not make a treat you can eat in the shape of this iconic character out of an orange, and maybe add some chocolates for some sweetness?

Check out this recipe for this fruity dessert here.

Halloween Treats: Crispy Chocolate Coconut Ghosts

Photo from A Spicy Perspective

Halloween is almost always associated with spooky stuff—spiders, vampires, and of course, ghosts. But the occasion is for kids, so why not make these scary creatures a little bit friendlier? Just like how this Halloween-inspired dessert does—turning ghosts into cute bite-sized treats!

Find the recipe and procedure here.

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