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Home Renovation? Use Geosynthetics For It–Here’s Why!

Check out this durable product that is making the rounds in the construction world.

Thinking of having your house renovated? Here’s an idea for you: geotextiles! Geotextile is a technology that is now used on today’s active job sites, which did not exist eight decades ago. But it is now considered as one of the best management practices when it comes to construction.

It is one form of geosynthetics, which are man-made materials used to improve soil conditions. It is derived from the word Geo, which means earth or soil, and synthetics or man-made. This material is made from plastic and will not decompose from bacterial or fungal action, which translates to its durability.

Aside from geotextile, other forms of geosynthetic include: geomembranes (used for land fills and canals), geogrids (soil stabilization and reinforcement), and geocells (soil stabilization, road and rail reinforcement, earth and slope retention). (Read: LOOK: MRT-7 Halfway Done, Set to Open in 2022)

In the Philippines, the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) has opened a testing facility for geosynthetics, which bridges the gap and introduces this material to the country’s construction market.

Here’s why you should consider using such materials for your next construction project.

It’s cheap

Geotextiles made entirely of pure coir fiber. Coir is a 100% natural fiber from coconut husk–a renewable source. This material makes them naturally resistant to rot and molds, and is cheaper than synthetic geotextiles. (Photo from SiriDepot)

Geosynthetics reduce the need for non-renewable and expensive materials such as sand and gravel. For this reason, it is significantly cheaper. This makes it one of the most used material when it comes to soil and wall stabilization in the construction industry. (Read: 5 Easy Ways for a Sustainable Lifestyle)


This non-woven geotextile is used to construct national highways. These plastic additives are known to considerably improve the durability of highways in India as they play an important role to stabilize the production process and extend the service lifespan of the geotextiles. (Photo from Plastics Insight)

Geosynthetics are made of plastic, therefore it is lightweight. This makes transportation of the materials on-site easier. Gone are the days when you needed heavy trucks and machinery just to deliver construction materials. With geosynthetics, you will have fewer polluting equipment on site.

Easy to install

Easy installation. Fastening a geotextile fabric onto a roadway by using direct fasteners. (Photo from Cherokee Manufacturing)

Geosynthetics are adaptable to a wide range of soil, and it is very easy to install because of its predictable design. You will need lesser maintenance, and it is also compatible with various field conditions which makes it an in-demand material.

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