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Four reader stories that prove how prayers change us for the better

Sometimes, all it takes is a little faith to help ourselves get back on our feet.

“In His Grace”

by Elisa Marquez

I was at home one day and I suddenly felt pain in my stomach. At first, I thought it was just something I ate. But after it persisted for over a week, I decided to meet up with my doctor. The checkup confirmed that it wasn’t just a bug, I had a tumor in my stomach. To make things worse, I was also told that the tumor was malignant—meaning I had cancer.

I was scared for my life, but I put all my trust in my doctors and in God. I prayed fervently every day, asked for strength and guidance, and followed all my doctors’ orders. Of course, I’ve had my low moments—I wanted to give up, stop treatment because it was painful. But the intervention of God always pulled me back up. By His grace and my doctors’ help, I have been cancer-free for 11 years now. (Read: Star Wars-themed clinic in Manila gives hope and comfort to young cancer patients)

“A Strange Miracle”

by C.F.

I was once at a point where I wanted to end my life because nothing was going my way—I was failing subjects, I went through a breakup, and my parents separated. I plummeted into a state of depression, isolated myself, and barely ate.

One time, while I was outside to get dinner (on a rare occasion I wanted to eat), a stranger approached me to ask for directions. But when he saw that I had a sad look on my face, he asked if I was okay. That’s when our conversation started. I opened up about my problems and didn’t see any hint of judgment on his face. When our night came to an end, I realized that there’s more to life, that I didn’t have to give up just because of some obstacles. Until now, I still consider that night and that stranger a miracle. (Read: 3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While in Quarantine)

“God’s CPA”

by Ana V. Igloria


After graduating from BS Accountancy in April 2018, my younger sister immediately transferred to Manila for her board review. Living alone in a new city with strangers was not easy for her. One night in November, her roommates called me to tell me that they’re bringing my sister to the hospital because she couldn’t move. (Read: The worst fight I had with my family—and what I learned from it)

My brother and I traveled from Laguna right after we received the call and arrived at our sister looking very weak. She was confined in the hospital and we stayed there overnight, praying for her speedy recovery. She eventually got better and was able to continue her review classes. She is now a Certified Public Accountant. If you trust God, everything is possible!

“A Gift of a Year”

by Josephine San Gabriel

My mom is the healthiest person I know. She’s the type who regularly gets checkups and eats all the vegetables in “Bahay Kubo.” But as they say, “expect the unexpected”—she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and was only given six months to live. We were devastated; we only had half a year to save our mom. We did everything we could— got her the treatment, asked doctors for other options, fed her the most nutritious food we could find—but her health just wasn’t getting better. (Read: Four Women Who Give Love and Guidance Like Real Mothers Do)

At the time, the only thing left to do was to pray and ask for strength. Our family was slowly losing hope. One day, her doctors told us there was a significant improvement in our mother’s health and she was cleared for discharge. Once she was out of the hospital, we spent every single day with her and made her happy to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, she passed away a year later. But we will forever be thankful for the gift of an extra year we had with our mother.

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