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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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10 Protection Prayers for Newborn Babies

Newborn babies are always a blessing. Nurture their gift of life with these powerful prayers!

Prayer for Development

Lord, You are our Keeper. Thank You for this beautiful baby. We are awed by her tiny fingers and sweet cheeks. In Your tender mercies, watch over this new baby as she grows. May her development be normal in all ways. May she achieve all her infant and childhood milestones on time or even early. We pray against autism or other conditions that might hinder her development. Bless her cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Hold her close to You throughout her life. Amen.

Prayer to Fulfill Destiny

God of hope, we lift up our new baby to You. May he fulfill the destiny You have placed before him. We know the plans You have for him are good plans – plans to prosper him, and not for evil, plans for an amazing future. In the name of Jesus, we come against any attempts of the adversary to steal, kill, or destroy. We claim the abundant life for our son that Jesus Christ came to give. May our son live his life for You. Amen.

Establish in Righteousness Prayer

God of all grace, we bless this new baby that has graced this home. We pray that she will be taught by the Lord all her days. May her prosperity be great, and may she be established in righteousness. May she be far from oppression and have no fear. May she live in peace, and may all causes of terror be far removed. If anything or anyone stirs up strife, may they fall before her. May nothing intimidate her, and may she live in reverence of You. Amen.

Blessings of Integrity Prayer

Loving Lord, we thank You for answering our prayers and giving us this beautiful and healthy new baby. Lord, help us to live lives of integrity before You. Your word tells us that when the righteous walk with integrity, their children are blessed. Help us to be truthful, merciful, and generous toward those in need. As our baby grows up, may he also walk in integrity, so this blessing proceeds through the generations. Help us to cultivate honor and strong moral principles within him. Amen.

Mighty in the Land Prayer

God, Abba Father, we give praise and thanksgiving to You for Your abundance. Thank You for the safe delivery of this beautiful baby. We pray Your blessings over this home and this child. Make her mighty in the land, for Your word promises that the generation of the godly will be blessed. Reward the graciousness, compassion, and kindness of these parents. May this child never be shaken, may her heart be steadfast and assured, and may she triumph in her endeavors as she follows You. Amen.

Angels Watching Prayer

Lord, You are our Protector, and we lift up our new baby to You. We thank You that Your word says this child’s angels in heaven always see Your face. We pray for the guardianship of these ministering spirits over this little one who has been assigned to them. We thank You that You have a special love for little ones, and You give Your angels charge over them. We know that You are not willing for the little ones to come to harm. Thank You for Your care. Amen.

Plans to Prosper Prayer

Righteous God, I thank You for this newborn baby. I pray for great things in this infant’s life because You know the plans that You have for my child, plans to prosper and not to harm him. I thank You because I know that the plans that You have made are to give my child hope and a future. I pray that my child will do great things because it is part of Your will for him to do so. Amen.

Protection Prayer for a Newborn Baby

Heavenly Father, I thank You for watching over my child! I know that You stand beside my newborn baby as a protective shield. The sun will not harm her by day, nor will the moon at night. I thank You for the divine protection over my newborn child’s life. I know that You can protect her in ways that I can’t. I know that You will walk with her for the rest of her days and be her ultimate guide. Amen.

Praise for Precious Gift Prayer

Jesus, my Savior, I pray over the life of this newborn baby and I praise You for this precious gift that came from You. Jesus, I pray that my child grows in the grace and the knowledge of You, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Knowing You is the greatest gift one can experience in life. Let this infant’s life be one that is set apart from the world. Let this infant’s life be an example of Your glory here on earth. Amen.

Prayer for Baby’s Hunger for God

O God, my Promise-Keeper, we praise Your name because You are our God. We praise Your name because You are the God of truth, and Your word tells us so. Your word is better than a diamond. It is better than a diamond set between emeralds. We pray that every newborn baby grows up having a strong desire for Your word. We pray that every child will have a hunger for You and will find Your word sweeter than honey. Amen.

Prayers from connectusfund.org.

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