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3 Intercessory Prayers to St. Benedict of Nursia

The memorial of St. Benedict is celebrated today, the 11th of July.

Born into a distinguished family in Italy, St. Benedict is known for his great contribution to the rise of monasticism in Western Europe. He wrote the Rule of Saint Benedict, a book of precepts published in 516 that served as a foundational document for religious communities in the Middle Ages.

Up to this day—more than 1,400 years after it was written—the Rule of Saint Benedict remains popular and influential among monasteries and monks, particularly the members of the Benedictine Order. Its chapters guide readers into living an obedient and humble life, understanding the work of God, and managing the monastery. (Read: These saints’ words in poetry will fuel your faith in God)

Admittedly, St. Benedict’s contributions to monasticism in Western Europe is immense. Even Pope Benedict XVI has recognized this in April 2008. “With his life and work, St. Benedict exercised a fundamental influence on the development of European civilization and culture,” he said. The Pope also discussed how the saint helped Europe to emerge from its “dark night of history” that occurred after the fall of the Roman empire.

St. Benedict has reportedly died of a fever in March 547. In 1964, Pope Paul VI named him as patron protector of Europe; and in 1980, Pope John Paul II declared him as patron of Europe, together with St. Cyril and St. Methodius. His memorial is celebrated today, the 11th of July.

“St. Benedict and his Monks Eating in the Refectory” oil on Canvas by Il Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi) (Photo from WikiGallery)

A Prayer to St. Benedict for Protection

Dear Saint Benedict, I thank God for showering you with His grace to love Him above all else and to establish a monastic rule that has helped so many of His children live full and holy lives. 

Through the cross of Jesus Christ, I ask you to please intercede that God might protect me, my loved ones, my home, property, possessions, and workplace today and always by your holy blessing, that we may never be separated from Jesus, Mary, and the company of all the blessed.  Through your intercession may we be delivered from temptation, spiritual oppression, physical ills, and disease.  Protect us from drug and alcohol abuse, impurity and immorality, objectionable companions, and negative attitudes.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayer in Honor of St. Benedict

Dear God, we praise and thank You for Who You are: The Creator and Master of the Universe, and our Father who loves us and has sent Your Son Jesus to save us from our sins.

Dear Father, You provided your holy monk, Benedict, as a leader and master in the spiritual life for a countless number of followers.  Filled as he was with the spirit of all the just, You flooded him with the splendor of Your light.  In the intense radiance of this light his mind was freed of hindrance and he was able to discern how incomplete all things are here below.  Because of this the entire monastic company in every part of the world sings out its joy, and the Virtues on high, with all the angels, continuously praise Your glory in song.

Stir up in your Church, O Lord, the spirit that animated our Father Benedict.  Fill us again with Your Holy Spirit, in order that we may learn to love what he loved and practice what he taught.  As You filled Saint Benedict with the spirit of all the righteous, grant us, your servants, who celebrate his life and all the good You have accomplished through him, his followers, and his holy Rule, to be filled with his spirit, that we may faithfully accomplish Your complete Will.  We ask all this through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Who with You lives and reigns, one God, world without end.  Amen.

A Prayer by St. Benedict for Seekers of Faith

Gracious and Holy Father, give us the wisdom to discover You, the intelligence to understand You, the diligence to seek after You, the patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You, a heart to meditate upon You, and a life to proclaim You. Through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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