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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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5 Powerful Prayers for Your Children

Explore the gift of faith and prayer to seek protection for your children!

Children are humanity’s most treasured gift from God. A child’s life and innocence are considered to be precious blessings not just to their parents, but also to everyone who surrounds them.

This is also why many people consider a parent’s love for their child to be the strongest form of love there is. A mother and a father would be willing to swim across oceans just to protect their child from suffering. Good thing, parents don’t need to deal with ordeals alone as God has a special place in his heart for young ones. (Read: An Expert’s Tip to Instilling Faith in Young Children)

Explore the gift of faith and praying to seek God’s protection over your children! Here are five prayers for every compassionate parent there is.

Prayer for Your Child’s Protection

Lord God, we praise you that you are fully in control of all things. I pray you would protect my child. Keep them healthy and help them to thrive. I thank you that you know every hair on their head. You know exactly when they rise and when they fall. Watch over my child in every area of their life and keep them safe I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Your Child’s Future

Heavenly Father, I thank you that all good gifts come from you. I thank you that I can trust you for the future of my family. Please guide my child in every step they take. I pray they would know your provision and protection. Make steady their steps I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Your Child’s Education

God, I thank you for the gift of knowledge! I praise you that you provide us with brains to think and question the world around us. I pray you would help my child learn well and flourish. May they discover their unique talents and giftings. Give them a passion for the world around them. Amen.

Prayer for Your Child’s Relationships

Father God, I thank you that you made us be in relationship with others. I pray for my child to know great care and support from those around them. May they be encouraged by friends at school, college, or university. May they show your love and care to their friendship circle. Amen.

Prayer for Your Teenage Child

Lord God, I pray for my teenage son or daughter to know your goodness and provision. I pray they would place their identity in you. I ask that in the pressures of life, they would know you are their rock on which they can stand. I pray that through the challenges of school life, exams, and future decisions, you would lead them, guide them and bring them comfort. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayers from compassionuk.org.

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