Friday, June 18, 2021
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Prayers for Priests, Bishops, and the Pope

In these trying times, may God give our Church leaders the strength to foster faith and hope among His people.

Prayer for Priests

O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, Divine Sacrificer, vouchsafe to pour forth upon Thy Priests continual living streams of infinite love. Live in them, transform them into Thee: make them, by Thy grace, fit instruments of Thy mercy: do Thou act in them and through them and grant that they may become wholly one with Thee by their faithful imitation of Thy virtues: and in Thy Name and by the strength of Thy spirit, may they do the works which Thou didst accomplish for the salvation of the world. Divine Redeemer of souls, behold how great is the multitude of those who still sleep in the darkness of error, of those unfaithful sheep who stray to the edge of the precipice. Consider the throngs of the poor, the hungry, the ignorant, and the feeble who groan in their abandoned condition. Return to us in the person of Thy Priests: truly live in them; act through them and pass once more through the world, teaching, forgiving, comforting, sacrificing, and renewing the sacred bonds of love between the Heart of God and the heart of man. Amen.

Prayer for Bishops

God, Eternal Shepherd, You tend Your Church in many ways and rule us with love. You have chosen your servants, our bishops, to be the shepherds of Your flocks.

Give them a spirit of courage and right judgment, a spirit of knowledge and love. By governing with fidelity those entrusted to their care, may they build Your Church as a sign of the salvation of the world. Amen.

Prayer for Pope Francis

Lord Jesus, shelter our Holy Father, Pope Francis, under the protection of Thy Sacred Heart. Be Thou his light, his strength, and his consolation. (Read: The Pope’s Prayer Intention for August 2020)

O God, the Pastor and Ruler of all the faithful, look down, in Your mercy, upon Your servant Pope Francis, whom You have appointed to preside over Your Church; and grant, we beseech You, that both by word and example, he may edify all those under his charge; so that with the flock entrusted to him, he may arrive at length unto life everlasting. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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