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Prayers Before You Start Your Day

Always remember that the Lord waits for us to come to him– in the silence of our hearts.

Every morning, we are given a miracle by God: a new day to live and use the gifts He gave us. Therefore, it is quite fitting that we greet and talk to Him before we start our day.

Through prayer, we greet the Lord as we rise so we may offer our first thought, our fresh words to Him, that He may carry us through our busy and hectic day. Before our feet hit the floor, our family members rise, and our minds become filled with thoughts and events of our upcoming day, may this prayer encourage you to have a moment to talk to our gracious and merciful God. (Read: A Morning Prayer For God’s Guidance)

Place yourself in the Lord’s presence in the first moments of each day and see for yourself as your whole day improves with that small offering. Talk to him. Always remember that the Lord waits for us to come to him– in the silence of our hearts.

Prayer In The Morning

Good morning, Lord!
I offer to you my day,
All of my joys and my sufferings, my cares and my concerns,
My accomplishments and my failures.
All that I have, all that I do, is yours.
Keep me in your care. Guard me in my actions.
Teach me to love, and help me to turn to you throughout the day.
The world is filled with temptations. As I move through my day,
keep me close.
May those I encounter feel your loving presence.
Lord, be the work of my hands and my heart.

Prayer for Grace Throughout The Day

Lord, give me the grace for today.
Before me, the day looms with great possibilities and even greater
I put it all in your hands.
Order my day and order my life.
Help me to embrace every challenge,
to be open to all you have to give and to see all as opportunity.
One moment at a time. One person at a time. One gift at a time.
Help me to breathe in your Spirit and to exhale
any fear that may cause me to question and to worry.
The world causes stress. You offer peace.
I choose you!


Prayers from Franciscan Media.

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