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Prayer To Prepare Your Mind

Let’s ask God to give us His power to prepare our minds in facing difficulties in our lives.

Most of us usually worry or think about what might happen throughout the day or in the future. It is important to always prepare our minds for the challenges that might come our way to help ourselves think clearly about solutions and decisions. 

Sometimes, it causes too much stress, anxiety, and fear to the point we just want to give up and accept defeat. The worst part is it takes a toll on our mental health as well as emotional peace. It may be out of our control, but remember that God will guide us, give us strength, and help us prepare and clear our minds to surpass these challenges and win these battles.

Let our prayers serve as our greatest tool to overcome everything that bothers us. Let’s ask God to give us His power to prepare our minds in facing difficulties in our lives. (Read: 7 Prayers to Attain Peace of Mind)

Prayer To Prepare Your Mind

Dear Lord Jesus, I am about to face a challenge and quite a daunting one, as I have been called to an important interview. For this, I bless You and thank You for hearing my prayer and enabling me to be given this opportunity.

You are the one that cares for all our needs and necessities, and I pray that You will be with me as I begin to prepare myself in body, soul and spirit for this meeting. I pray that with Your help, I may be the best that I can be as I attend the interview.

Help me to prepare my mind for the questions that I am likely to be asked, and also enable me to compose my heart so that I am resting in Your strength and not my own. Give me nights of good rest and sleep I pray, so that I am bright and alert for this meeting, and also prepare the panel that will be interviewing me I pray, so that they will show understanding and fairness.

I know, Lord, that all things work together for good to those that love You and are fitting into Your purpose. I pray that You will use this interview as an opportunity for me to draw closer to You as I depend on You in preparing myself for this life-changing challenge.

Thank You, Lord, for all Your goodness to me, Amen.

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