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Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Today, let us commemorate the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a miraculous imprint of the Virgin Mary.

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a religious work of art that is very popular among Catholics. In fact, it has lots of modern reproductions that are often displayed in residential homes, commercial establishments, and even public services.

Popular legends claim that this wooden icon is a miraculous imprint of the Virgin Mary. Many believe that the original image, currently enshrined in the Church of Saint Alphonsus, was made by Saint Luke using the meal table of the Holy Family in Nazareth.

But even before this work of art became known to many, lots of religious personalities have already taken this icon into their attention—and among them is Pope Pius IX. In June 1867, the Holy Pontiff granted the image its Canonical Coronation along with its present title. In these times, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help has also been designated as the national Patroness of the Republic of Haiti and Almoradi, Spain.

Originating from the Keras Kardiotissas Monastery, this holy image has been recorded to be in existence in as early as 1499. Its feast day is celebrated every June 27, with novena devotions held every Wednesday.

Novena Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, from the cross Jesus gave you to us for our Mother. You are the kindest, the most loving of all mothers. Look tenderly on us your children, as we now ask you to help us in all our needs, especially this one (Pause to recall your petitions).

While you were on earth, dear Mother, you willingly shared in the sufferings of your Son. Strengthened by your faith and confidence in the fatherly love of God. You accepted the mysterious designs of His Will. We, too, have our crosses and trials. Sometimes they almost crush us to the ground.

Dearest Mother, share with us your abundant faith and confidence in God. Make us aware that God never ceases to love us; that He answers all our prayers in the way that is best for us. Strengthen our hearts to carry the cross in the footsteps of your Divine Son. Help us to realize that he who shares the cross of Christ will certainly share His resurrection.

Dearest Mother, as we worry about our own problems, let us not forget the needs of others. You always love others so much; help us to do the same. While praying for our own intentions and for the intentions of all here present at this Novena we earnestly ask you, our Mother, to help us comfort the sick and the dying, give hope to the poor and unemployed, heal the broken-hearted, walk in solidarity with the oppressed, teach justice to their oppressors, and bring back to God all those who have offended Him.

Dearest Mother, help us to avoid sin which separates us from our heavenly Father and from one another. Full of trust in you we place ourselves under the mantle of your maternal protection and confidently hope for your compassionate intercession. Amen.

(Left) Our Lady of Perpetual Help print by Fratelli Bonella / Catholic Faith Store; (Right) Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Prayer for the Home

Mother of Perpetual Help, we choose you as Queen of our homes. We ask you to bless all our families with your tender motherly love. May the Sacrament of Marriage bind husbands and wives so closely together, that they will always be faithful to each other and love one another as Christ love His Church.

We ask you to bless all parents, may they love and cherish the children whom God has entrusted to them. May they always give them an example of the true Christian life. Help them to bring up their children in the love and fear of God. Bless all children that they may love, honor, and obey their fathers and mothers. To your loving care, we especially entrust the youth of today Give us all a sense of responsibility that we may do our part in making our home a haven of peace like your own home at Nazareth. We take you as our model. Help us to grow daily in a genuine love of God and neighbor so that justice and peace may happily reign in the entire family of mankind. Amen.

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