Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Prayer to God to Fill in The Gaps

Regain your strength and say this prayer.

There are days we feel lonely, incomplete, or useless, especially when facing difficulties in our lives. Even if we do all our best, some things are just really beyond our reach, and that is okay.

A failure in life does not mean the end. We should overcome the challenges given to us with strength and guidance from God. However, the pressure, anxiety, and confusion we feel may create a gap between our loved ones, including ourselves. That is why we must compose ourselves and be stronger to continue moving forward to surpass everything we are going through. 

Let us lay all our fears and worries to God and ask Him to help us fill in the gaps and get back on our feet. Regain your strength and say this prayer.

Prayer to God to Fill in The Gaps

O heavenly Lord,

I can’t seem to get to it all. I’m falling short on time & focus. And sometimes I fall to the floor broken into pieces.

I ask you to complete me, O Lord. Take my limits, my mistakes, even my shame. Place it all in the wounded side of Jesus.

In his body, I am nourished. By his blood, I have peace.

Send your Spirit to where I can’t reach. May your grace and mercy work where I can’t work. Especially in those places inside me where I desperately need your healing love, where I can’t do it myself.

So I’ll lean on you, my Lord. I open myself up to you to fill in those empty places that cry out for your grace. And you will hold me together. You will be my strength.

May I continue forward, fully trusting in my Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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