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Prayer To Calm Taal Volcano

Join us in praying that no eruption occurs, and that everyone on and around the island remain safe.

In January 2020, ash covered many parts of Batangas and nearby provinces due to the unrest of the Taal Volcano. The volcano, located at the Taal Volcano Island, was under Alert Level 4 at one point–meaning a “hazardous eruption is imminent”. Thankfully, the volcano calmed down and the alert level was downgraded.

However, after over a year, Taal Volcano is once again being monitored and is currently under Alert Level 3. It has been emitting high amounts of sulfur dioxide, to the point where it even reached a record high emission. Those living around the volcano have been evacuated by the local government for their health and safety, as Phivolcs continues monitoring Taal’s activity. (Read: Taal Update: No Major Eruption Yet But Close Monitoring Continues)

With natural disasters and events like this, there is nothing we can possibly do to stop it–just like how we can’t ask a storm to avoid hitting the country. But we can ask the Lord for help in calming His worldly creations through prayers.

So here is a prayer to calm Taal Volcano penned by Bishop Ruperto C. Santos of the Diocese of Balanga in Bataan. Let us also pray for the safety of all those living in the area, including their pets and livestock.

Prayer to Calm Taal Volcano

Almighty Father,

You are the God of water, earth and sky.

By your great power and mighty strength,

You created the universe.

The earth is filled with Your glory!

With humble hearts, we approach Your throne.

We ask that You restore the calmness of Taal volcano.

We know nothing is impossible to You and You are always in control.

May the boiling lava subside and molten rocks cool down.

Instill Your compassionate presence in us so we may calm our fears.

You have always provided everything we need.

O, Lord continue to keep us all safe under your divine protection.

In Jesus name, we pray.


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