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LOOK: This mom prays the rosary on Instagram every day

Kristin Reilly, a working mom with six children and another one on the way, is leading thousands of people in praying the rosary every day on Instagram.
Every morning, at 6:45 am Central Time (7:45 pm here in the Philippines), Kristin leads a live rosary prayer on her Instagram @manyhailmarysatatime.

“My mom suggested that maybe we could start praying the rosary for Lent,” Kristin said, as they struggled to deal with a stressful time in their life—her husband lost his job and she was almost 8 months pregnant with their third baby.

Though she was raised a Catholic and knew the words for the rosary, she admitted that she was a bit rusty, as praying the rosary was never part of her daily routine. Her husband had never prayed the rosary before and their two toddlers made it hard to find quiet time, so their prayers were unfocused and often interrupted. Yet, they persistently prayed every evening, all throughout Lent.


When Lent ended, husband and wife decided to stop as they got too busy with life and their kids. However, it was their children who begged them to continue. And despite Kristin’s unwillingness (she was thinking that the kids were just trying to delay bedtime!), the family continued to pray every night and saw that praying helped them soldier on despite their struggles.

“We continued, despite our unwillingness,” Kristin said, “and slowly we started to recognize the impact of the daily ritual. I’m lazy, messy, and uneven-tempered, but now the only thing I try to do every day is pray the rosary. And despite my imperfection, the blessings still come.” A few years later, after challenges and changes in their lives, the only constant thing that remained is the daily rosary that they pray as a family. Soon, this commitment began to grow into a community—a group of parents at their children’s school would pray the rosary every Thursday morning.

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When the family moved out to the suburbs because of their growing number, Kristin decided to take the daily rosary prayer online.

“That’s really where a lot of us spend a lot of our time today anyway,” she said. With her goal to pray the rosary with others, her online following began to grow into a whopping 19,600 and counting. She even has “celebrity” guests join her and help her lead the rosary. She believes that praying publicly will enable others to open up more about their faith and build stronger relationships centered on prayer.

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If Kristin can do it as a full-time banker, wife, and mother to six kids—you can do it too! You can join Kristin in praying the rosary, or why not start your own daily prayer routine? It just might change your life. As Kristin said, “If Mary can help us, she can surely help you.”


Text by Yen Cantiga. Photos from Instagram.

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