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Prayer on the Feast Day of St. John Eudes

On his feast day, reach out to the patron saint of missionaries with this short prayer!

Born in November 1601, St. John Eudes was a French Catholic priest who founded the Order of Our Lady of Charity in 1641 and Congregation of Jesus and Mary (also known as The Eudists) in 1643.

Even before he founded these religious orders, John Eudes was already an active and vocal member of the Catholic faith. In 1633, he began preaching parish missions as a priest, enabling him to take part in over a hundred missions around France, Burgundy, and Brittany.

Over time, John Eudes became a prominent evangelist and confessor whose missions often lasted for several weeks or even months. He also became a popular writer, having written the proper for the Mass and Divine Office of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin. (Read: Four Daily Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

St. John Eudes with fathers and sisters of
the congregations founded by himself (Photo from Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals)

John Eudes died in August 1680. He was canonized as a saint in 1925 and was declared as patron saint of missionaries. His feast day is celebrated today, August 19.

Prayer of St. John Eudes

O Lord, You have created me for Yourself, to love You and to enjoy You, infinite Good, ineffable Beauty; do not permit me to lose sight of this sublime end toward which I must tend; do not permit me to wander among the wretched satisfactions that vain, feeble creatures can offer me.

O my Lord, what poor use I have made of creatures! Pardon me, O Lord! Henceforth I do not want to use anything unless it is for Your glory and according to Your holy will, as Your Son Jesus did. O my God, if in the past I have turned aside from You who are my Beginning, my End, and my supreme good; if I have turned toward myself and creatures, preferring their will and mine to Yours, I here and now promise to renounce, entirely and forever the world and myself, and to give myself wholly and forever to You. O my God, I give myself to You as my Beginning; take complete possession of me. May I always abide in You! Be the beginning and end of all my actions. O my God, I give myself to You as my End, my Center, my supreme Good. Draw me to You! Make me tend continually toward You. Be my delight, my glory, my treasure, my all!

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